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I think you should just let it slide and hope for a black person change your grandmas mind unintentionely, like a simple gesture by holding a door or helping with food basket could probably convince your grandma that all blacks are not like that one who did the most disgusting and horrible things to your grandma. You did your part and trying to resolve it by telling her that not to put all blacks at the same category as that person who hurt her.
I would never forgive or forget that person though. Such a thing is the lowest scum on earth. Even lower than a murderer. Such a ugly and disguting coward that goes on an elderly.
Take care of her.


Don’t push it, it will sound like an excuse of what happened to her. I fear the older people get, the more you have to live with their mindset. Probably only good examples in her (your) immediate live can change that.


It actually went pretty good. Hardly anyone walked out while we spewed all over the place and we raised over £500 on the door for the fundraiser! Absolutely stoked. :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick video of us flailing about.


What lovely vocals…


It’s not supposed to be lovely


I think the ellipsis are a stand in for the sarcasm I am assuming? I for one find that ellipsis is the most sarcastic form of punctuation.


Correct, I actually like that style of music IF it’s mixed with singing too. If it’s just screaming from start to finish then count me out. Screaming really doesn’t take any talent and I’m sure even I could scream some lyrics if I really felt the urge.


Tell that to Jacob Bannon

Also you’re objectively wrong


I would but I don’t know who that is.


Figured you wouldn’t lel


After 2 very enjoyable months, I’ve finally finished watching ‘The Sopranos’. What a truly amazing show. I look back fondly on every minute of it.


So right now am I replaying Wario land: The Shake Dimension again, for what I believe is close to 10 years since I first played it. Man it’s a lot more satisfying when you try to complete everything, and yet still fail to complete all the missions in each level.

I’m to trying to do it with no help, but i’ll likely break that promise to the collect x amounts of coins in some of the levels. Plus no buying extra HP

The summary is just so I can look back and see what i’ve done on this day.


On this day have I done 1-3 to 3-1, and I have only 100% W0 level 1, W1 level 1-3 and the first level in the 3 world.


Thinking about what it would feel like if somebody put their top row of teeth in-between my lower and upper jaw and our teeth touched

And alternatively, what it would feel like if I was the person who was putting their teeth in somebody else’s mouth and they bit down on my teeth




It’s getting warm…


It would feel bad…


Oh yeah “Come to Australia” the Tourism board says “Nice weather year round they say”.

In Adelaide It looks like this: Tues: 36
With no chance of rain BTW. But at least it will get to the high 20s by Friday. All degrees are in Celcius, it you can’t read Celcius I suggest moving to an actual developed nation.




Is this an elusive target?


Didn’t play yet.
Seems it’s a bonus mission like Holiday Hoarders.
But this is a real surprise :slight_smile: