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Oh right, nice! I love Hokkaido it was probably my favourite in H1.


Where did you find that pic?


Inside my HITMAN 2 game :slight_smile:


Yeah,that makes sense.I haven’t played for a while


Maybe worth a check


So I started reading books again today finished A Painted House by John Grisham. What a wonderful book, the ending hit me right at the feels and I cried a little lol as it ended on a very sad note. It was about a family who owned a little house in Eastern Arkansas in America in 1952 and did cotton farming for a living, they hire Mexicans and hill people for harvesting the crop, the story is told by a 7 year old from the said family and the entire story revolves around just these things. There are hardly any action scenes, it’s just like a description which is beautifully written. My favorite novel for sure.

My stomach’s still aching from the ending, it was nothing very bad or destruction like, but reading that after all the stories and events in the past just hurts, :sweat_smile: if anyone else here has read this you can send a message and we can discuss! :smiley:


I also started reading books recently.I read Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground,probably my favorite book so far.It’s really thought-provoking and I think everyone can relate to it


You won’t fucking believe this :rofl:

Well, I was watching one of most popular YouTuber in my country, he was playing Mumbai mission, eliminated two targets and searching Maelstrom. He was found two voice recordings but couldn’t found him. After like 30 mins he falsely subdued him and Diana said “This is the Maelstrom” :rofl:.


Oh I recommend you read his novel Crime and Punishment next.


Yep,that’s my plan,to read all of his books.After reading Notes from the Underground I can see why he’s known as one of the greatest writers.Thankfully I have collection of all of his books in my house.


I love George Orwell novels. 1984 is probably one of my favourite books.


It’s my favorite series ever.

What was your favorite episode?


I started watching this on Now TV but my subscription ended. Seemed really good, will have to find another way to watch it.


It sounds a bit mainstream, but Season 1 Episode 5 “College” was just a thrilling episode start to finish.


I love Pine Barrens from season 3


That’s one of the best episodes of any tv show I think. An amazing display of incompetence from Paulie and Chris, and one badass Russian


“I lost my shoe.”


Paulie’s face is the second most thing on TV that sends me into a flying rage. I have no idea why.


Sends you into a rage?

A rage of laughter maybe


No the normal kind of rage but there is laughter in there. Unlike the thing in TV I hate the most.