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Since when are you one to be mysterious? Out with it!


Well I am an X-Files fan so typewriter font saying" “To Be Continued” is a bezerk button. Also I can be mysterious if I want to be.



That’s pretty specific


Well imagine watching a show where something cool and interesting happens only for it to say “to be continue” Now imagine that occurring every mid-season episode and as the last episode of a season for ten seasons and Chris Carter STILL does it.


I can imagine. CSI/Law and Order do the same thing. I don’t follow them though


Yeah but CSI doesn’t have the slow and steady unravelling of an alien and shadow government conspiracy now does it?


Not sure what your point is, but you’re correct, it doesn’t.


My point is that aliens make for better TV than some guy making lame puns in sunglasses.


This is an opinion and entirely subjective


The first part is true but I am right about the second bit aliens do make everything better if you use them right.


So you liked the film “Signs” :rofl:

Disclaimer: I did too.


Uhh there are parts of Signs I liked. But as a whole no. I didn’t like Signs, I liked seeing real life psycho Mel Gibson pretend to be a sane man who pretended to be “insane with anger”


As much as one can shit on him, he is a quite talented director. Have you seen Apocalypto?

Just like Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, etc. (He’s not quite on their level with what I’ve seen from him, though)


Many gifted directors are psychos and I liked Apocalypto it was at least something unique as far as period pieces go not hall of fame material but not aweful.

Depends if we are talking directoral skill Allen and Polanski have Mad Mel beat but if we are talking about being a somewhat human being then I would say Mel wins that round.


I meant directorial skill. IDK man, Apocalypto was pretty great. The entire movie is a chase scene, on foot. That’s impressive.


Yes it is impressive but what merely happens on screen is but a small fragment of what can make up a movie but I have not seen Apocalypto in a while. Still far to many movies to see.


Ain’t that the truth. I saw you folks mention a few Oscar noms in the movie thread and I gotta get on that. Namely “Cold War” and “First Reformed”

Can you elaborate on this? It’s unclear what you mean. Script? Planning? What?


Lighting, sound, editing, cinematography, design choices things like that.

Oh First Reformed is brilliant and Cold War is so good 80 minutes does not do the film justice.


I like Paul Schrader a lot, so First Informed will likely be the next film I watch.


Those are both great films (however, keep in mind that Cold War is in Polish with subtitles only), but you should also watch “Kler” (another Polish film), which I think was very deserving of an award. It’s such and important film as well, very relevant to today