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I know this bothers many, but not me.

From what I’ve read of “Cold War”, it’s another love story, which sounds rather drab. The applause it’s recieved is enough for me to watch it, but I don’t think I can stomach two romantics from the same country. Maybe (hopefully) I’m wrong


Yeah romantic is not the best word to describe Kler.




Not good in a wholesome sense. Kler is about a Catholic sex abuse scandal in a Polish Diocese.


What time period?

Have you seen “Spotlight”? Good movie revolving around sex abuse and it’s exposure


I only googled the film. Sean might tell you more about it.


raises hand

M. Night’s most underrated film, IMO.

The birthday videotape scene… I fucking screamed dude I’m not gonna lie :joy: Even on repeat viewings I find that scene hard to watch. Silly I know, but something about it fucks me up.

Apocalypto is brilliant. Just, brilliant.

Yep. It doesn’t get enough love, honestly.


Modern. It’s not just about abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, it’s about the coverup of said scandals, blackmail, and even organized crime gets involved


Anyone seen outlaw king on Netflix? Is it worth watching? It got a decent IMDB review if I’m remembering correctly.


The “Hitman” text at the top is in a purple box now I see. I think I like it, adds a bit of colour to the place.


I like it too. Ive only just now noticed thst everything is pink/purple even the notifications lol


How did you get the dark theme? It’s white for me.

Edit: I did it, thanks anyway.



I figured it out but thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:.


So you mean to tell me that you made me waste 20 seconds of my precious time :scream:


Correct, I should have tried before I asked. I’m so sorry :disappointed_relieved:.


Has anyone seen the first Jumanji film? I have but it was like a decade ago since I last saw it. I was talking to a coworker today and for some reason, she brought up how she thinks I am like the character Robin Williams plays in the film. Just trying to guage what she meant by that honestly, I know Robin Williams gets trapped in the board game and then gets released as an adult, but I have no idea what his character was like.

Anyway, I’ve got a day off tomorrow, and I have a ticket booked for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Desperately trying to avoid spoilers, although I think by this point I’ve already seen half the major spoilers due to Youtube marketing. Also watched The Death of Stalin on Amazon Prime, that was great.


Jumanji was cool to watch in Cartoon Network and other channels like Jetix here in Mexico. Allan Parish (Robin’s character) si basically a big kid because he got forced to adapt and survive into the world of the board and never got porper maturitybut it’s pretty capable to stand on his own, like when he knows how to trick the hunter off.

About DBS with the Broly movie, I’m gonna skip it just like I did with DBS. I heard some commentary from a guy and without spoilers I can say that you are going to see a pretty differetn Broly from the one saw in previous entries.


That’s… interesting. I’m not sure I should take that as a compliment or an insult.

I’ve seen all of Dragon Ball, Z, GT and Super but havn’t seen any of the movies except Battle of Gods and Resurrection “F”. In the UK, until last year, the movies were really hard to come by. They only had limited DVD releases which you could only buy for ludicrous prices second hand. They only finally gave them a proper Blu-Ray release for all the Z movies recently, but each movie pack only has 2 movies (except for Broly where he gets all 3 movies in one) for like £15. Also the same with the 2 Z specials, the reason being that the English dub licenced music for it and it was some kind of rights problem that had to be overcome.

I might get them some day, either piece by piece at £15 a pop (and with 7 packs, that adds up to £105), or swallow the pill and buy the pack that contains all of them for £80. Honestly, the fact that most of the movies are less than 60 minutes kindof puts me off too. It’s funny how expensive the older films are, but you can buy a Blu-Ray of Battle of Gods and Resurrection “F” in a 2 pack for £8. It also sucks how they havn’t given the treatment for the original Dragon Ball movies either, so if you’re in the UK you’re kindof screwed on getting those 4.

So yeah, havn’t seen the Broly trilogy. I really only know of them from Team Four Star’s movie ranking video, and they don’t have a high opinion of Broly himself, despite the rest of the fandom seeming to love him. (Although it does sound like it is fairly unanimous that his second and third movies suck.) Should be interesting watching the movie, I do like DBS alot actually… although mainly due to the last saga, The Tournament of Power. I loved that, lots of great fighting and set pieces and so many interesting characters from the 7 other universes.

Personally I hope the rumour that Dragon Ball may return to TV soon after Broly’s movie is true, either with Super resuming or it coming back under a different name.


There is supposed to be a DBS2 but still nothing 100% confirmed, but given how successful it was, it’s likely to happen.