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Yeah, I’m hoping that’s the case. I heard that apparently the main reason DBS went on hiatus was due to alot of production problems, and that the theory is that the Broly movie is to build up hype for DBS to make a comeback, also notable how this is the first Dragon Ball Super film.

The fact that Broly is meant to take place after Super with Goku talking about the Tournament of Power in the first trailer certainly feels like it is meant to be the next chapter. Here’s hoping DBS2 decides NOT to decide 13 episodes to retelling the Broly movie in a dragged out inferior manner.


I spend at work tonight 4 straight hours cuddling with a coworker. Just that, cuddling and no kisses… And believe me I tried.
We were talking about what boys she likes at work or nearby and at some point tell’s me
“You know, I like a lot the night porter. How he dresses and how good the suit looks on his body”.

Me! A innocent child asked: “From what hotel?”
She: “From this one”


I’m the night porter here!


Classic male brain “Is she hitting on me? pfff don’t be stupid” and then a couple of days later and you will reach the conclusion "She was hitting on me! Oh god I’m an idiot "


In my experience it even happens a couple of years later :sweat_smile:


Then have sex with her instead of making story times on a forum


Asking her out on a date would be my step one but If she’s down then why not. Depends how you want things to proceed in the long term.


mmm I’m passing this one. Not really that attracted. I think now I made a mistake.
Guess loneliness got me.


Turns out we broke the all-time heat record today, 46.6C (that’s 116F for the Americans here). Basically spent the entire day indoors with the air-con on, which barely coped with the temperature outside. Also had to run the tap for over a minute to actually get water which wasn’t practically boiling.
Though the worst is over, with temperatures returning to their normal summer averages over the next few days.


Who is that most popular yter?


That’s what you get for colonizing a desert island.
Australians feels to me like aliens. So different yet so human.


I mean, we sent them there, they didn’t ask to go :joy:


I don’t get it. Why were you cuddling?
If you were cuddling out of affection, don’t you already know that she likes you?
Your workplace don’t have cctv? They will see it all unless you are pulling Dr. Stramgelove type that is precisely the point thing.
Why girls are working Night shift at all?
Are you sure it was a girl?


TIL women never work nightshifts, ever


Except for all the people who went to Australia voluntarily. I live in the only “free city” Australia had at the time.:grinning:


Oh well, serves them right then :joy:


Not unless they work in hospitals or few other professions.
Women should not be asked to work Night shifts. It’s a crime if you are a boss and ask your female employees to work Night shift.
Many studies have shown that Night working affects female bodies beyond repair. They are much more at health risk if they continue working Night shifts or alternate shifts for longer.




Unless they’re prostitutes. Then it’s just good business sense.


What are you talking about?


What the Christ is going on here today