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Oh forgive me I thought we were talking about this…


If you read that article, it points out how flawed and inconclusive the study is.

It also focuses on physical intensity of the job, not the hours.

Your original statement is garbage and has no basis in fact


Night shift work may seem like an odd thing to link to breast cancer. Nevertheless, scientists found that women who work night shifts for many years are more likely to get breast cancer than other women. This includes nurses and flight attendants who work overnight.


I am all for facts and studies than opinions.
I am not a female and I support that femles should not be asked to work Night shifts or odd hours.
Anyone who disagrees with me are just woman haters. LOL no.


I’m glad you know how to copy and paste.

Again, read the actual article. It points out flaws in the various studies

If you want to deny a woman a night shift job when she wants that, you are the woman hater


Why any sane woman would want to work Night shift unless she has some valid reasons for that like school/college going person, or family adjustments etc.
In that case depending on need they can be allowed to work Night King.
But as a boss you should never ask female em0loyees to come at Night shift. You are a pervert if you do so against their wish.


Why does anyone do anything? Money talks, kid, and your bullshit walks

You don’t allow a woman to do anything, they do what the fuck they want


So you are saying if they work in daytime they are not being paid?

In an office/company setup boss/company allows or disallows what hisemployees do irrespective of gender.


Are you daft? certain jobs and tasks require night shifts

Grow the fuck up


Yes certain jobs required Night shifts.
But it’s duty of employers to ensure only males work at Night shift and females work in day shift.


You’re lucky to be allowed to linger here, Uber.


That’s a bit of overreaction.


Wtf is even the topic.

If there is a medical reason why women could suffer more than men at nightshifts, the only sane reaction is: Inform them and let them decide.

It is not like women suddenly explode if they are awake when the sun is down.


Damn there goes my theory that women are Reverse-Mogwai.


I’m sorry to interrupt but how do you know that?


I did some… uh… empirical observations of women during nighttimes where this simply was not the case. At least not in the sense some innocent minds imagine what an explosion could be.


I’m hoping this might finally be the thing that gets you banned again but I’m not expecting anything


I’m suprised by the amount of people that took the bait.


Lucky. My knowledge on how women explode come from uhh… secondary resources.