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What the hell is your new avatar, that is creepy as fuck.


I agree with Panther. It looks creepy, far too creepy. I get nervous just looking at it.


It’s like some Chris Cunningham shit.


Just came back from seeing Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Pretty great, I had a fun time watching it. Great animation, great action, good story, lots of very funny comedy. Going to go and catch a second screening, and the film is doing well internationally, it’s managed to gross over $90 million which is pretty good.

Here is hoping that this may lead to the TV show coming back.


I work night shifts in a hotel. The girl couldn’t sleep (or that was the excuse) and came down to the reception to talk.
It happens quite often during the night or late hours that you find staffs hanging out for a chat with the night porter. Since majority of staffs has a staying room in the hotel. So the only access inside the hotel after midnight is the front door.

But, I made a huge mistake. I should had tell the girl from the start that I am not interested. Now she keeps texting me all the time. Today we had to meet in my room to play “playstation”, but I changed my mind and told her that I’m sleeping. Tonight I need to talk with her and tell her that it’s better if we stay as we were before.
Unfortunately I am not attracted for a relationship.

Regarding women working night shifts, I would not let a girl cover my shift because I know how people get when they come in late at night and drunk. If they see a girl, especially a cute one, they will not let her alone trying test their chances with her.
Occasionally at night I’m asked if I can find some prostitutes for the night or drugs. Things that this hotel and me personally don’t do.


It’s the hitman suit, they just can’t stay away.


I’d say give her a swift knobbing and then send her on her merry way, get it out of her system.


I’m not that kind of person. Yes, I could say my intention right up front and stay together just for fun. But she seems so attached. I know how bad it is when someone messes with your feels.


Oh fair enough if she’s actually getting emotional about things. I thought she just wanted sex, my bad.


Can’t hurt to ask if she’s up for sex as long as your honest with your intentions. It’s on her if she doesn’t listen and thinks she can change your mind.


Update on my coworker. I screwed up big time but I think I saved my self.

So she comes at 2:30 am with her friend (another coworker) because they were out in a local club. She was looking very mean at me while I was only talking with her friend who’s into fitness. I tried to ignore her as much as possible but still talking with her too in small chats just to keep her involved.

At some point the other one goes to sleep and we are finally alone. I thing I tried to avoid. We were talking normally and the at some point she tells me “Go fuck yourself Alex!” I asked why knowing exactly what I’ve done and then here it starts.
I know you’re ignoring me, I can see you changed your mind, Where did I go wrong, I knew it you’re a fuck boy :roll_eyes: and so on.
I spoke with her very educated and I tried my best to make her go away. I mange that after a hour and something.
My prime excuse was “I know how it feels and I don’t want to hurt you”. It’s the truth yes and no, but for the most part I’m non that attracted.
She on the other side had all these fantasies made about us. I told her very nicely that I would like to stay with her but for fun only with no hard sentiments. She told me that’s her intentions too, but it’s very clear that is not the case.
A huge factor of this attachment might for sure be that I am much older than she is. She’s 18… No really she’s 18, I checked her document and I am actually 10 years older.

Well she was quite angry about what I had to say. Then a doubt came in my mind but I was kinda embarrassed to ask so I just went with it “Are you still virgin?”. The answer was what I was afraid of and it was a yes. Which is strange and funny because yesterday she bragged about all the boys she had. Normally you’ll expect this sort of behavior from boys.

Somehow I bullshitted myself out of this quite well. I told her the first time it’s something important and it should be with someone that treats her right and other stuff like this.
This my sound like a wise thing to do, honestly I was trying to save my ass before it was too late. I think more at the consequences. Earlier today she started to write me how her day is going, imagine how could she react after I lost completely all my interested in her after we done it a couple of times.
Like trying to get revenge some how, false accusations. I fear things like this.

It seems I convince her I am not the right guy. Her final offer was to drink something in my room while we play Call of Duty the last day she’s still working here which is 2 weeks from now.
I agreed but I’m more than sure I will be away that day to avoid doing something stupid.
After than I took her to her room, we starred a little in each other eyes and I was already imagining how to turn my head in case she wanted to strike a quick kiss. But instead she punched me in the stomach and told me to go fuck myself again :grinning:
Guess today she learned something and so goes for me.


Jeez. You’ll be a natural actor for those Italian dramatic soap operas. At least this went fine.


Italian soap opretta versus Mexican telenovella make it happen Bear-Dude.


I’m gonna get you a full season from “La Rosa de Guadalupe” in Blue-Ray so you can lose your critical thinking in record time.


You little heart breaker, don’t sleep with her if she’s a virgin she will end up psycho stalking you.


This is what I am expecting in fact. One good reason to stay away.

@scm97tl now telling the story like this is seems it went super smooth. In reality it really went like this, but I had a straight face explaining these things in a mechanical way with little emotions or face expressions.
She instead was pretty angry and mad.


I’d be angry and sad too if I thought I was getting a piece of your sexy ass and ended up not getting it.


If getting punched and being told to go fuck yourself twice is smooth, I’d like to know what not smooth is for you :joy:


It’s my fault. I should had let her alone yesterday.
A mix of loneliness and hornyless striked me and in that moment I wasn’t thinking of anything else.

I pretty much regret it because I can see the poor girl is suffering a little for being rejected after being that close for a night.

the part where I was convincing her I’m not the right guy. Oh I discovered she has a temper violent problem.


It strikes us all at some point, we are only human. You did the right thing in the end though.