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This is a gigantic factor… Be very careful.



You’re really good guy, someone else would had sex with her already.

I even know a son of a bitch who his only goal are having sex with virgins, I’ve heard his last victim is 16 years old. I said his victim because he tricks girls with stuffs like “I want to settle down with you”.


Last summer I was in a short relationship with a 18 old girl. Girl was pretty “mature” for her age. Of course like all girls that age, or almost all, she wanted someone for the summer far away from home to have fun with, who would take her to some nice places.
I was ok with that and so was she. But also for her age she was pretty experienced.

This other one instead. I could say she is the kind of some sort of honest type of girl. The one who want’s a serious relationship and things like that.
I mean she came to me with I like you and from there you understand it’s not your typical girl to have fun with.
Besides I’m sure it would fuck her up emotionally and I really don’t want to be the cause of that.
16? :open_mouth: That’s still a kid. It could be the right age to start experimenting sex and pleasures, but with someone their age or 2-3 years older at least. This is how I see it.
And regarding the virgin side, my longest relationship was with a girl were I was her first. I remember it was very painful for her the first 2 months. She told me it was like being punched in the stomach and there were many things we couldn’t do because it hurts too much. I really can’t understand the people who looks for this. Maybe it’s some twisted fantasy to remain in the memory of the girl for ever or I don’t know.

I personally am searching more than anything a serious relationship. But I know a 18 year girl is not for this. At that age they still have to live life, make choices, make mistakes and learn from them.
I’m 27 and I’m searching for something similar to my life style but also a bit different. I mean, I want someone to talk with, have sometimes serious conversations, sometimes funny ones, go see places with some cultural story or just visiting lakes and mountain places.
At 18 you’re only worry is where to party and get wasted in the next weekend.


Good luck my man. It ain’t easy.

I’m 26, you can do it my man.

Been with my girl for a little over 3 years now but it took a great while for me to say in my head: alright, this is the one to marry. She not only grew on me, but changed in ways I needed her to. And I know getting people to change is near impossible, but it can happen.

I wish you best of luck @badeaguard. You’re clearly a good man and you deserve it.


Today I woke up with I don’t know how many messages from this girl :expressionless:

I started work and again other messages “can I come down to stay with you tonight?” “what are you doing?” “why are you ignoring me?”.
My replies were only no and ignoring her.
After a couple of hours of message free she started again asking the same questions, at some point she added “can’t you see I like you so much” and other similar things “I want you” “you can’t make me imagine that we’re going to be together and then nothing” and so on.
Jeez so much drama and I hate it. I’m behaving as cold as possible and ignoring her at fullest. Maybe behaving like an asshole will do the trick and she’ll let me go. Or the other option is ask a friend to pretend she’s my girlfriend for a short while. Next step will be to block her on facebook if this persists.

I got myself in a pretty mess.


I’m glad you are trained in the ways of 47 because that girl is going to murder you in your sleep.


I went and changed my name to ‘Blood Monkey’ inspired by one of my forum members @Glacius. He is the only forum member I have had a somewhat extended discussion with in private messages, and I overall like his style. From the traditions of the trade man bikini, to “is that ketchup or are you happy to see me?”, I eagerly look forward to reading through his threads in the future. Thank you @Glacius for bringing me much joy on this forum.


Mate, ignoring her isn’t helping. You don’t need to be an asshole either though. Just tell her, face to face, that you are not interested in her that way and that you want her to stop messaging you. Simple as that.


He said he did that already, she’s just not giving up by the sounds of it. Some people just get attached easily especially if they are lonely. Hope it works out and she doesn’t murder you @badeaguard. Just say you’re sorry if you lead her on, you thought you were into it but in the end didn’t see anything long term. You didn’t want to hurt her further down the line.


You could try to change to another disguise, but something tells me this girl is a enforcer and other disquise would not fool her :grimacing: :joy:.


And I think the best thing you can do is to try to ignore her, don’t reply back to her messages and if she approach you , say you don’t have time to talk and if you are in lucky, she will eventually stop contacting you.


Been swamped down with work pretty much since Xmas, finally got some down time to play this elusive target & Winter festival mission.

Figured I’d treat myself to a little something Japanese from an appropriately themed glass…




That looks good!

Has the Hokkaido Target’s last name too, right?

Makes me want some Soju right now


Slightly funny story. I check my bank account today, notice a payment from Universal Credit. For those outside the UK, UC is basically a benefit for those who are currently unemployed or just working a few hours a week. I’m entitled to it, but don’t receive any money for it because I work full time right now, but I stay signed up to it in case I wind up unemployed.

So I receive a payment today, despite the fact that I am working full time. I think, oh no, there must be a Government error, better call them about it so it doesn’t bite me in the ass later on. Call them about it, and I explain that I’ve been working full time. They tell me, even though I was working full time throughout the monthly period they calculate payments, because I wasn’t paid for those hours until just after the payment period, I am still entitled to the money.

So yeah, that happened. It feels like I’ve exploited a loophole rather than actually be entitled to the money, but whatever I guess.


Enjoy the free money then, you’ve rang and checked and I’m guessing they record their calls so you’ll have proof. Go ahead and treat yourself mate, we don’t get much for free in life.


It’s not much money, it was just more that I was worried about the Government deducting the money back later when I don’t have any spare.


Yes this has happened to my girlfriend on more than one occasion! Not good when money is tight. They let you pay it back in instalments though, very kind of them considering you are paying for their mistake. My girlfriend has spent it before though knowing it wasn’t right which is very annoying! It will always come back eventually to bite you and she knows that.


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That’s my boy (like Dutch Van Der Linde would say :joy:), you did the right thing :+1:.

I did the same with my tax return, I thought I got too much back, so I called and asked if it was correct or not, it was correct, but she thanked me and said they didn’t get many phone calls from people that thought they got too much in return on the tax return and that made me in return even more happy for calling and ask about it, so I gained a lot of good karma that day :blush:.


I spend one day a week working in a DWP building, and I say take the money and have fun!


In the last week end I joined a Global Game Jam with some friends. It was my first time and I had fun. We had to realize a mini-videogame in 48 hours. I made some of the objects in the map (a church, a boat, a bridge, burning wood, a trash can, a fence, the trees, the street lamps). The good thing is that I realized two things. The first one is that sometime I tend to think to be less good then I really am. The second is that often we don’t need to do perfect things. The trash can was very horrible, but it had to be in a dark place of the map, not so visible, so adding so many details was a waste of time. In general, often our greatest limit is the desire to do perfect things. Perfectionism makes us slow down and let us think that we are not so good.