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I just had a mathematics exam, 80% of which was shit I’m never going to use


How do you think it went?


Well, good to see percentages are in the 20%


Found out why there are so many avatars of a man with sunglasses in the Youtube comment sections


Oh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah


Another 2 new suits for the Spiderman game and IOI can’t even bring back the already made model of the Blackballer that I’m asking for 2 years :joy: So much for listening to their community.


I would assume that there are a lot more people asking for Fantastic Bag-Man than there would be for the Realballer.


But the Blackballer was already made and usable.


Yep but it doesn’t matter if a majority of the fanbase is not rallying for it than a gaming company no matter how fan oriented is not going to bother.

It seems there are more people who want Spider-Man to have a paper bag mask then there are people who want a slightly different looking handgun.


Happy 2nd birthday my prince Milo


You play spider-man? I completed it and the first two DLC still need to do the third one as I bought them all. I saw the two new outfits, the future foundation one looks really cool.


Nope, I just saw the news. I heard the game is awesome.


You heard right. The story is a bit meh at times and the side missions like all side missions can get repetitive. The thing that makes this game is the combat system, powers, suits, gadgets and web swinging. It’s one of if not the best combat systems I’ve ever seen in a game. Everything just flows together perfectly as you move from one guy to the next. There is no limit to how stylish you can be when taking guys out, only your imagination. The web swinging is the same once you get all the swinging and zipping and wall running down it’s so much fun. The only thing that bugged me about this game was you play as MJ at least twice and same goes for miles (before his powers). Those missions and the countless missions where you do circuit boards for Otto get old fast. They make me not want to play the new game + but I will after the DLC. I will just get through those missions as quick as possible. The rest of the missions are really good and the game had me in tears at one point so it obviously makes you connect with it and it’s characters.


I present you the official logo of the cyber security office of the German federal police.


Anyone notices it?


When people in the US say it’s “cold”, but it’s -50 degrees where you live


And then their president uses it to dispel climate change reports again. Because he is an idiot.


Looks nice in that Teutonic Knight/German Empire/CIA scary dudes who want to see your information kind of way


I’m in the U.S. and the windchill was -50 yesterday. You’re in Canada, right?


True but the bad thing is the typo :joy: