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Hey guys :upside_down_face: I once again managed to get completely inactive, both here and in Hitman himself. IO Interactives current enthusiasm for time limited content forced me luckily to come back again. As I noticed, they are currently having problems with the Silent Assassin Rating. Is there any post or video that summarizes the current conditions? I am very confused. Plz help


Interesting evening.

Was on my way over to feed my friends cats when I saw that there had been an accident on a main road. No police or ambulance around, but people crowded around someone on the ground. As I’m now a student nurse I felt obligated to see if there was anything I could do. Turns out the girl who was hit was a girl on the same course and the same year as me. Basically reassured her that ambulance was on her way and the police were able to contact her family. I asked if she wanted me to go up to the hospital with her, as I didn’t know where her family lived, and so I got a front seat in the ambulance, blue lights flashing which was rather fun.

Police blocked off the whole side of the road and rediverted a shit ton of traffic.

Unfortunately it looks like a pretty shit accident. She’s broken her femur (thigh bone), potentially her pelvis and her shoulder. All of which are closed fractures. So the bones are broken have not come through the skin.

Her family arrived at the hospital and I got a lift back to feed the cat from her sister.


Mate, if that were me, my friend’s cats would have starved to death because I’d have completely forgotten about the fuckers! :joy: Well done!


@Fortheseven has plenty of videos.

Basically even if you’re caught trespassing, you’ll still get SA rating.

SA is only lost when you have that “compromised” status above your minimap in this regard


I’m sitting at the doctor right now, I’m limping like the guy in Colorado. At least I’m now forced to sit down and to play some Hitman.


There’s an NPC in Santa Fortuna you’d have a lot to talk to about.


That sounds interesting :smile:
Time to visit Santa Fortuna!


Two days ago I listening the author af a book for some meetings about tragiedies of XX century. He was talking about the first world war and the thousands of italian soldiers killed by carabinieri (for not italian people a sort of military police). Killed by friend fire, because the showed fear, they tried not to fight. There was a general who often used the decimation (killing some random soldiers if there were one or more defections, even if they didn’t defected) to force soldiers having fear and fight (so they had to chose between being killed by austrian army or by italian one). This butcher accused soldiers to have caused the defeat of Caporetto (former italian city now in Slovenia). Who was caught by astrian army was considered a traitor, a coward not fighting with “honour” and let to die in enemy prisons. Even at families was told they were traitors.
The name of this general was Luigi Cadorna and a lot of streets have the name of this murderer (city of Udine some years ago cancelled him by a square). And even other bastards have their names on streets and squares.
I’m curious to know if even your countries celebrate people (I’m talking about only national history, not foreign people) that not deserve to be celebrated.


Just about to reach level 200! Still a long way to go… Today I finished World of tomorrow completely, that took forever, especially if you have in mind that you have done it before. Hitman is like a daily ritual for me at the moment. Depending on how I feel, do I progress accordingly, sometimes not at all. But it is so nice to continue this mega project of completing it to 100% in the evening and to hear e.g. a podcast while playing it. Of course, often I have to look up challenges that I don’t remember anymore - It’s an unbelievable amount of challenges and sometimes it’s really exhausting, but it also gives a kind of “rythm” to my daily routine. Which is really helpful at the moment.

Overall I’m very happy with the game, even though there’re still a few small flaws which need to be fixed.


Good for you, mate. You keep plugging away at it :blush:


I think every country does, certainly the U.S. does


If you type Silverballer replica in google images, 70% of results are my projects and posts. I’m pretty proud.
Tomorrow I should be receiving my new silencer by the way.


Weird flex but ok :slight_smile:


IOI contacted you about this?


Naaah. They pretty much ignore me for reasons. But I really doubt they even care.
This is a thing for me. I hope at least to impress them with the final replica I’m doing.


So I found out that when I type up “Australian national anthem” on YouTube the fourth result is Down Under’s official music video. Is this what it is like when I say America F*#k Yeah! is the US national anthem?


That feeling when you put a few discounted Steam games in your wishlist to buy later in the week, only to realise the next day the sale is over.


Conversation between me and an Ukranian client:

we were talking about how’s life in Ukraine compared with Italy and compared with Romania.
Cool guy an all and at one point I ask his name.
Me: Please excuse me sir, I haven’t asked your name yet
Client: I’m Alexander. You?
Me: Whoaah! I’m also Alexander, call me Alex
Client: Really!? Listen, do you know where I can find marijuana?


I know one Alex in real life and used to buy weed off him all the time. Must be something about the name…


I’ve once had a total of 4 random guys on the same day asking me for a dealer (either for weed or mandy). I guess I just have the look of a complete stoner :laughing: