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Oh man, I wouldn’t be able to resist :joy: deary me.


We had a client here (woman) who came often every time with a different partner. We discovered later that she’s a prostitute and now she’s ban from here.
She wasn’t the kind were you paid her for an hour or so. But the kind where you rented her for 2 days and you also paid (as client) the hotel for both of you and other expenses she wanted.
I think she was really good because all the men that came with her left some serious money for the services she required. I once shared the story here somewhere. Let me see if I can find it. Was in summer…


I sometimes get asked by touring bands where they can get drugs. I’m a sound engineer. Guess I have that look about me.


Might not be as overtly around on the forum the next couple of days. Ive been locked out of my computer due to the license expiring on my account. Going to try and resolve it ASAP. For now ill do some light reading on my phone. Apologies for the bad spelling but until i get my keyboard back it’ll look like its Glacius here


Blood Monkey


At my work, as a rule we don’t accept dogs or any kind of domestic animals.
But exception was made how ever for this lovely girl :heart_eyes:
We have a client who can’t see and the owner of the Hotel granted this family the permission to bring her here since it’s for invalidity reasons. When I saw it this morning I just lost it, not to mention I offered the family, that if they want I would happily keep the dog with me all night and even take it outside.
They were very heartwarming to hear this. I don’t know if they will ever bring the dog to me at night and leave it, but I’m not taking my word back and I would really love to have it with me. All those security checks I can do with her, all that company :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

With the owner permission I took pictures and gave her lots of cuddles.



The Regis run of Who Wants to be a Millionaire is on youtube, this is my current entertainment.

It occurred to me while watching this, that the show could not exist as it was in the modern day. The “phone a friend” lifeline couldn’t exist, since the person they call could just google the answer. Funny how much time has changed in such a very short time.


Google existed back then, it just may have taken more digging. I always thought if I ever was on the show I’d get a friend by a computer ready. I’d be surprised if no one did this very thing back then


They never did, google existed but it clearly wasn’t the resource back then that it is now. Makes me feel that the internet really has made general society and entertainment dumber.


How do you know?


Just listen to them, they either know the answer immediately or they answer without much confidence. It was so genuine, just people using the brainpower of other people as a resource.


I dunno, I’d have had my buddy fired up and ready to go at a computer, pretending to think as he was typing and searching away.

You’re right Google wasn’t as good back then, but it was still the internet and still the best search engine, it just would have taken longer


That’s exactly what they do.


Does anyone know what this little cake icon is after my name?


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Thank you, my man.:notes:


I’d be so bad at this, I hate having to keep secrets. I’d fuck up and give it away for sure.


Hey @BLACKPANTHER_UK, where you been? Haven’t seen you around all week!


Even though it existed back then, it did still happen. People probably abused the system so much that they eventually discontinued the lifeline in the US version.

And that’s also what they changed with it.

As new host Jeremy Clarkson has often hinted at, and a profile in Broadcast now confirms, “fully-briefed security officers” sit with contestants’ ‘Phone a Friend’ nominees to make sure no help is given from the internet – or those pesky old-fashioned books.

On 11 January 2010, the US version eliminated the use of “Phone a Friend”, after it was determined that there was an increasing trend of contestants’ friends using web search engines and other Internet resources to assist them, which unfairly privileged individuals who had computer access over those who did not, and that it was contrary to the original intent of the lifeline, by which friends were supposed to provide assistance based on what they already knew.[18]


Got kind of addicted to Tekken 7 and Red dead redemption 2 so not played Hitman. Just cant pull myself away from those games in my spare time :joy:.