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Now I wanna play Portals 3


I’m currently living inside of rdr2 lol, all I do is go to work then take my ps4 off rest mode and continue on. I love giving uncle shit lol


Ayyy GMTK tackled the design of HITMAN 2’s Miami. Interviewing some IO Devs about how they came to make it.


We have a client named Novikova and a Caruso staying at my hotel :rofl:
I’m sure there must be a husband named Novikov.

This is not the first family named Caruso that comes here. Apparently it’s pretty common family name in the south of Italy.


Ask him how his mother is doing.


I guess 47 visits your hotel regularly. Are you have any client named “Tobias Rieper”


Surely they come from Napoli. It’s a tipical neapolitan surname. There is also the famous song “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla. In my town, there are a lot of people with the surname “De Santis”.


For how long have you known her? :joy:


Ayoo. Live your life to the fullest :smile: :+1:


Mate, I’ve used the 30 seconds when my lady friend has stopped our sex to go pee to jump on and give an answer in the movie screenshot game thread :joy:

Edit: is she Korean?


Wow this is like massively uncomfortable like digital proctology. Also Doom has like a two month ban from the Movie Screen Grab game.


Why are you banned from that thread Doom :joy: :thinking:


I was joking about him neglecting the movie game to shag his lady friend. Or am I punishing him for neglecting his lady firend to play the forum game.


Yeah it’s usually 12am-3pm GMT. Same time updates, ETs, challenges etc. goes live :slight_smile:


First I’ve heard of it :joy:

Sigh. You lucky bastard :joy: I love Asian women…


Hahaha WTF

Are you jealous @anon74426438


I know Showry already mate, come on now. :joy:

Also, I really hope that’s a joke haha


Are you actually serious!?

I’m fucking done :joy:



Smells like massive horse shit to me. Are you a liar?


I believe him. He’s either telling the truth or he’s got some brass balls.