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I’d wager neither. The internet gives way to a lot of shenanigans. How do you not have a photo with both of you in it if you’ve dated?


I don’t have any photos of me with any of my exes.

I mean, apart from naked ones


Idk. My line of work is investigation, and this smells all up and down


Well. This is awkward. The guy who helped me with Sniper Assassin mode has an ex who I’ve… you know what to :joy:




Why did you feel the need to mention Miss Tourism Korea?

The only picture you have of her with both of you together looks like you ran into her at a restaurant and asked for a photo.

None of the showry photos are in the same environment, not that that matters.

Sorry If I’m coming off as prodding, but you’re frankly bragging about an unusual occurrence with absolutely zero proof. And my investigative nature has taken hold of me.

I called bullshit, I stand by it currently…


I’m dropping this, I don’t really care. And if you’re true to your word, its your own private life. You don’t have to prove shit.

Sorry for prodding


There’s no way to confirm this claim

I’ve used Snapchat before too

I checked this. Like I said, my job is investigative in nature.

Don’t feel obligated. Like I said, It’s your personal life, and I shouldn’t be digging into it.


Cheers, mate! Wish you were on PC so you could join my ghost mode tournament!

Edit: Probs not snapchat, but some Korean knockoff :wink:


Have you been here, to the internet, before?

It did, because of me. I’m sorry about it.


Never press send.

---- Network Admin


What’s your nationality? thought you were Asian


Are you fully British/Caucasian though? You look like you could have some east Asian blood in you


You should post some pics to the Forum Gallery that don’t implicate you in a YouTube scandal


De Santis is also a quite common that I see often around here.
@RieperTobias Never had any Tobias as far as I know :sweat_smile:


I just had the most ridiculous experience ever. I was talking to my favorite prof, and mentioned Hitman. He replies he’s played a bunch of them. He started talking about Blood Money and mentioned how his favorite levels was “In the basement at Kuala Lumpur” (H2:SA). Also mentioned how the tutorial was so weird with the simulated killing (S1).

Still in shock lmfao.


Haha, that’s awesome!


You know, I never talk about videogames with anyone at work, or really any other adult outside of my immediate friends. I’m 32, and can’t help but feel like I’m only gonna get ridiculed or thought less of if I admit to what I do in my spare time, and so I just make up some vague BS. Does anyone else do this?


Life’s good, man


Probably one of my favorite missions.Love the music and lighting


This game is so amazing. Such a shame IO won’t do more of them.


Don’t advertsite LG (Korean coporation) in here please.

Just Kidding :rofl: