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This game was awesome. Me and my brother did the co-op. I had no idea it was an IOI game and so when I saw Lynch in Absolution it was like the stars aligned!


And I only bought it because it was from IOI :grin:
Finish the story today, both alternatives. After work I’m going straight for part 2.
I played them so long time ago I don’t remember much.


I still need to play my copies of them. I bought them as well because they are from IOI lmao.


What’s new… well right now I’m staring at my wall waiting for the update to finish so I can try out the new patch…


Anything improved? I only open the game to play the elusives once a month. But I restarted to play all the games since C47


I dig your bar


I currently can’t play the game I bought for $60+ and I have no idea how to get support for the issues I’m having with Hitman’s horrible DRM. Having a blast watching my game attempt to reconnect to Hitman servers.


Post this in the right spot, like the bug report thread

Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

I think the sniper thing is better even if it’s a cheap fix. The guards delay now. But it gives you adequate time to take the shot.


Toby is not common, but you see it here and there.


I found this at work. Casually in a hotel of course.
You all know what this is.



Is that a weapon in C47 that can only come from a cheat code


No it’s from Contracts :slight_smile:


I shoulda known bc it was raining haha


Just got my new lightsaber home from saberforge

In the colour Blood Orange


Looks sick!

But I favor regular orange flavor.


I wanted a darkside weapon, I didn’t want to go with regular red. I already have a replica of Vader’s saber. So I choose something that could be viewed as a Dark Jedi rather then full blown Darkside.


Every time one of my clients (male) comes back with an outside girl (non our client) asking for a room, you will see the girl embarrassed barely making eye contact unless you ask her something and the man always with this face :grin: like “I’m getting laid hi hi”


Do you ever high five them? Haha jk


Pine Barrens is great, as mentioned, but the episode that entirely consists of one huge fight between Tony and Carmella really left a big impression on me as well.

The dreamy one with the near-death experience and Tony stuck in that hotel limbo is also awesome.