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Walked for around 11 kilometers today, not the longest walk in my life, but up there. Been up to 14-15 I think.


Nice :muscle:
The farthest I’ve walked is ~13km. It was a straight walk from Lund to Malmö so it wasn’t that bad, but very terrible shoe choice. My feet weren’t happy when I came home lol. Never again.
I will do 6-7km max next time when I feel like it


Eh, I could’ve done a few more, it wasn’t on “I can’t walk without a lot of pain in my feet” levels yet, it took 2 hours, plus minus half a hour.

Edit: fixed my shitty grammar


Clearly you’re more fit than me :joy:
How long did it take? My 13km took 3.5-4hrs if I remember correct


Is the area hilly? If so that might be a reason it took so long for you, if not it might be because I walk pretty fast.


So I have had the pleasure this evening of meeting one of the managers for the air ambulance paramedics for Cornwall. Cornwall is an entire county in the UK for those who do not know.

He has said he is happy to arrange shifts for me to go out, as a student nurse, with the paramedics and attend emergency call outs with the team. Holy shit, this is incredbile! 1st - I can’t believe I made such an impression when I was drunk af, 2nd Holy shit this will be incredible experience when I graduate and look to go into emergency nursing care,

2nd. Only concern is I am drunk af so I hope he remembers me :smiley:


I keep a professional tone then laugh it off the next day with my coworkers.


Networking at its finest! Well done! :joy:


Thanks! Complete coincidence! Went to a birthday party and got in contact with him!


@Sven_IOI on Twitter:

Off to new adventures.

:disappointed_relieved: Good luck buddy!


At work. Heh… this is my turf [}-----------{]



Does anybody know how to escape a wedding as a guest unnoticed? Asking for a friend.


Shoot the cake, the prietsts glass of wine, the piano. Once the drama kicks in (or you hear loud shots) it is your chance to leave!


Just walk away through an isolated entrance while everybody is busy with something flashy, like a show, toast or dance. Why you want to walk away to begin with?


Pull the fire alarm so everyone is distracted, then run


That would be good, but I’m playing on master difficulty and already saved an hour ago. I don’t want to risk having to replay that hour again.


Wait, what? Is this in real life? Or is this just fantasy?

Take it away, folks!


He’s caught in a landslide


No escape from reality


Open your eyes