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It seems like I’m no longer a regular.


Thanks a bunch lol


Way to break the chain, PAL :stuck_out_tongue:


Nooooo dude I loved your avatar


Who, me?


No, shaggy


You know the deal you’ve done with Accidental? Well if you win then I change back to Shaggy, but if you lose Bob Parr’s boss is here to stay. Sounds good?


It was a draw. There’s no reward


Well, just for you…


I screwed up. Last night on delivery, I had a timed order for 9pm. 10 to 9, hit a house before the time the timed one, get the pizza out, job to the flat complex. It’s been heavily raining. Job on to the concrete slab outside the door, my left foot slips and flies in front of me. I land on my back. Hit my left foot against something. Second biggest toe with a massive bruise, left ankle in pain, mild pain in my shoulder and arm. Wake up this morning with my right calf having massive cramps.

Just in pain in general. Nothing too much to handle, but frankly I just don’t want to go to work, but I need to because Saturday is our busiest day and I’d screw over all the drivers if another one of us is off. I think I’ve learned not to rush myself.


Got back into plat in R6 with the new season, last season a horrible shit show. This time I got into Plat after playing my 10 placement matches, 9 wins and 1 lost. So now I just need to stay there and try and climb the latter to plat 2.

Pretty damn happy now, Didn’t think I would hit plat after the 10 placement matches.


Is Plat a television show?


No platinum is a rank in competitive multiplayer games, like League, R6 and csgo. The scale goes from copper 4-1, Silver 4-1, gold 4-1, platinum 3-1 and then Diamond.


I just got a melodica and it’s a beauty. I’m playing it around my friends constantly; it’s a lot of fun, for me at least.


is the top players rank up yet? the one above diamond. haven’t been playing ranked this season


Ooof. Finally finished watching this.

So, now I can move on to P4.
Not that I needed to finish it to play Persona 4, but I had originally bought it a few years ago due to an interest in Persona 4. (everyone was talking about how good Persona 4 Gold was, and I lacked a Vita, I got this instead since it was an equally-loved entry in the series. And yeah, it’s good.)
Personally, the nigh-endless same dungeon crawling, the time limit of the moon, the long breaks between interesting story beats and my general paranoia of being underleveled put me off of this game. I wanted to enjoy it but could not.

-Cue me buying a Vita a few weeks ago and there you have it. I wanted to finish it some way, so I chose the basic route. 10-hour long movie of all the important story beats to watch in a few sessions at a time.


So I arrive at work this morning, the boss’s boss is in the office. Great… He asks me to bring him up to speed with what I’ve been doing. (I work solo on a project that tries to help people find work by having 1-1 sessions with them every week and doing whatever I can to help them: making CV’s, covering letters, filling in application forms, that sorta thing.)

So I brief him on everything and then get a load of “do this better, do this faster, can’t you change this and that…” and me trying to refuse to do certain things as gently as I can. He’s gonna be on my ass about it for the next couple of months.

Not all his fault, as I know his bosses are grilling him the same way. Shit rolls downhill and all that.

But it has me seriously thinking about looking for a different job. I love what I do and had some glowing feedback from a customer just today, but what I’m being asked to do will compromise the customers’ experience and I’m not willing to do that, as they are good people who need help and I don’t wanna give them the same shitty treatment they get from the job centre.

The company is just squeezed right now and me and the rest of my team is feeling it. Shit’s not gonna last if they keep riding us like they are right now.

Sorry, just needed to vent :unamused:


I’ve added a couple more pages to my book.


I was 11 when I had my first Lap Dance. It started all from here.



I’ve had two real ones since, neither were as good as that little club down by the docks in Contracts :cry: