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Just saw this and had to do a double take…


I was 11 when I killed my first man and got my first lap dance.


So I just watched Leaving Neverland. Michael Jackson was like, the worst person of our times. I already believed he was guilty, was not prepared for that.


I was certain he was guilty years ago. I haven’t watched the documentary but seems over the years they found more stuff and now it got worst to help his case.


Billie Jean though :heart:


…was not his lover. That would be his child bride, James Safechuck.


It’s old victims who defended him finally telling the truth. It’s backed up throughout with photo, video and audio evidence of Michael being around these specific children and the roles he gave them.


Seems quite convenient that this comes out after such a long time, but taking in count the mess of a person Jackson came to be, I don’t feel too many doubts about these guys testimonies being real.


You should just watch it, both parts. That’s all I can say.


Got creepy? More than you expected?


It’s out of this world.


He’s definitely up there but I wouldn’t say he’s the worst, but that’s not saying much


I finally did this!

I was climbing for this:

Wanted to know if there any levels after 1000 and what pic will we have after 1000.
Well, here you go :slight_smile:


Oh man, the design of these is so cool, i want them in a enamel pin version so badly :sob:


Damn man, how? Lol I thought I was doing well hitting 706 on the PS4…


Hard work playing throughout the days for couple of months :slight_smile:


PC or console?

Also, grinding PZ?

20 characters


Yes, PZ helped a lot for achieving this milestone


Grinding PZ? Come on. All you gotta do to get some good points is to open any locked door you can find, and playing The Vector.


Figured so, heh. That’s been my method too. 5,550 per run. Takes about 15 minutes. You?