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dang the forbidden fruit of sedatives your body hates. Get better!

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That’s maybe one of the best “things about hitman you didn’t know” posts I have ever seen.

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Absolutely better to find that out under the care of medical staff then one day after too many drinks at a party and some wild friends!!

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The pain of being money-less.

This is adorable, gorgeous, and I want it. Too bad it’ll be at third-party 800$ whenever I have the money to buy what it would have been at release.

Nintendo has also said that there won’t be a new Switch this year so there goes my hopes of buying into this with a “Pro” / Larger screen model. Maybe I should just get the current version later this year, since all I’m really looking for is size (à la 3DS XL). Everyone says the new battery model is pretty great, and no real need for a performance boost.

That is a very pretty Switch. May keep an eye on it, although there is no word of a UK release yet for that edition yet.

Leaving Singapore :singapore:, the indoor waterfall at the aero port is breathtaking (=

They have Garretts Popcorn! That’s a Chicago Company that I LOVE. I got a baggie for the Stews on my flight (= (=

The lounge has a self service bar (= (= (=


These are from yesterday.

Singapore Air has a way cooler map than United.

We ate the much talked about lobster thermidor. It looks about as gross as any other dish served at 30,0000 ft, but it was tasty.

Now we have a week in Bali. We stayed last night by the aeroport bc we got in so late. Today we move to our selected hotel. My wife requires that I unplug once we arrive. My phone goes directly into the safe and only she knows the code. It’s actually nice, but of course, I have not the will power to do it myself which is why she has the code. It’s so relaxing, but also difficult not to be able to check work emails or the god damn markets ect, so I appreciate her rule. It’s also only one time a year, always on our wedding anniversary trip. I’ll post some photos (taken with her phone- this unplug thing is NOT a two way street :joy:- when I get back to Singapore.


Flapping is preferable to United.

Absolutely none but as a general rule I assume all flights from any airline are an uncomfortable hellish experience.

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Hundreds if not tens of hundreds.

@Accidental-kills98 :joy:
I actually prefer their premium service on transoceanic flights to many of the European and even Asian carriers. Turkish remains my favourite.


Any obnoxious children stories to share?

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Well one time I was in Japan wait for a Cathay Pacific flight and this one child cried for like an hour straight. Nothing but solid crying for an hour or so.

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I mean, as a general rule, typically I like airlines like United whose prices can’t be beat, but unfortunately, their customers can be in this case.

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Or you can be a nice moral grey. Or you can start as an outright villain. Or you can give up or take a back seat. Or you could continue to be a hero.

Alfred could be a fucking moron sometimes.

It still pisses me off how bad that film was. So very bad.

Why you gotta do Alfred like that. It was Harvey Dent who said that quote, not him.

I know I forgot how the movie went it has been far to long since I have seen the film.

But I mean Alfred lets his friend and son dress up like a plague carrying rodent and beat up poor people instead of giving him some damn grief counselling.

Batman was the true source of the coronavirus the whole time.


Here’s hoping it will kill of that chiropteran Mary Sue for good.

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Oh joy. That goes down as a “fault claim” unless whoever-it-was owns up. I had that a while back. Van drove into my car, drove off. Thankfully a neighbour caught part of a number plate.
Bastard even parked over the road the day after - with a bit of a hasty paint job. Got the excess back in the end at least.