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I can feel myself getting slowly burnt out with hitman so I’ve decided to just leave the game for a bit (except for prior commitments) and go back and play some of my all time fav games

Wanna start off with trying to finally YOLO Sayonara Wild Hearts (fantastic game about heartbreak, try it if you haven’t)

Should be an absolute nightmare. I’m buzzing


Just got notified that I have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid, at least the NHS gave me a cool digital countdown for when I can rejoin society :pensive:


Shit :frowning: stay safe man


I’ve joined the ultra-rare club: The Admired.

I… don’t know what to say…
Damn, I’m gonna tear up from this. Thanks for the appreciation, people! :cry:

Basically this

Oh no no @SilentWraith! I hope you’re okay.

I had a friend down in the US who tested positive for Covid, and luckily he experienced very mild symptoms. The 14 days isolation was just an annoying inconvenience to him being out of work for a bit – he loves his job.

Time to make a list of binge-able movies, then!


Omg the fact that you already have Silver Rank on that is cool.

I’ve gotten Gold on all tracks except Album Arcade, and the few times I’ve tried Yolo Arcade have ended in failure. Sweet.


@Thechicken I think that already exists
Share your work - Creative Corner - Hitman Forum
The artwork thread - Creative Corner - Hitman Forum

That was me.
Don’t worry about that though, a lot of the people who have premium courses usually has free videos where they share a thing or two to us novices. That guy with the fire tutorial makes premium courses and Alan Becker recently had his stick figure animation course on Bloop animation’s website

I really want to see this.


Take care! Hope you didn’t catch the virus.


Didn’t have time to mention it yesterday but I finally graduated from university.


Congratulations, did you receive a Machete of Honor or something?


No, I think you are thinking of Finland, but I got to keep the mortarboard though.


Nice, i wasn’t familiar with this word, but google helped me out. I’m sure it suits you well!

Seriously though, congratulations! What are your plans now?


I have no real clue, I have been looking at some graduate programs but I don’t have anything in the works.


Congratulations! :champagne: :champagne: :champagne:


I’ve reached the fabled admired club.

I’d like to thank the community and the taco I am eating as of typing this.


Considering how people tend to invent new ways to challenge themselves to play Hitman all the time, I just thought of a way to play if you need one more challenge. Saying that though, it’s 5am here, I can’t sleep, and this is just something I thought of on the fly:

Kill But Never Steal Challenge:

  1. You must complete every main mission in the WOA, attempting Silent Assassin rating.
  2. You can not pick up any item or disguise in a mission. You can only use items you start with and your bare hands.
  3. You must finish the mission in your starting disguise.
  4. You may only take an item with you on one mission. If you take the fibrewire with you to Paris, you can never take it with you on any other mission. This doesn’t apply to reskins though, such as the climbing rope.
  5. If you get killed in a mission, any items and starting disguise you took with you can not be used again. You must replan the mission and start again with new disguise and new items.

I’d post this in the funny video thread, but I don’t think it’s got enough “funny” in it to justify that.

Great stop-motion short film about animal testing.
It’s got Taika Waititi and other famous people in it.


Woke up to find that my dear cat, Chano, was run over and killed. Seems he managed to move a bit after that since we found him under a red van. I’m so fucking sad and furious right now.


Already buried him. I’m upset and hope this better was an accident. If it was intentional and find who the hell it was, I’m getting violent.


I’m sorry about the loss of your cat, I have lost 3 cats myself to being hit by a car. It’s never easy to lose a pet, I hope you can find comfort in your memories with Chano.


Wow I am sorry for your loss. I could not imagine to lose one of mine that way. I have a park behind the building so if they take a tour they never have to cross roads. I am sure they are scared of roads too.


I’m really sorry for your loss!