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Went down to our local non-denominational church to sign the petition to get the Reproductive Freedom initiative on the ballot in November. If it passes it would enshrine the right to abortion (and other reproductive care) in the Michigan State Constitution. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve signed my share of petitions over the years, but it’s always when I’ve been randomly accosted while walking into a store or library. This is the first one I sought out.

I always forget how terrible my handwriting is until I have to fill out a form. :grin:


Online seller scammed me out of $210, and blocked me after I sent it.

Gotta wait over a month for the bank to possibly refund it, or longer for cyber crime to investigate the case.


That’s no fun! Sorry that happened.

I recommend getting a credit card for stuff like that. Even if it is a prepaid one. You won’t be liable for fraudulent charges. They will just put the charge on hold until they do their investigation, that way you’re not out of pocket.


Things like that are why I try to pay for things with credit card whenever possible. If a scam or theft happens involving the card, you can at least get the institutions involved.


As a conclusion to my Lego week, I got to rebuild a friend’s Bugatti.

The set has its perks to be fair; It’s accurate comparing to the actual Chiron, The rims were beautifully designed, a gearbox that actually works (I’m looking at you Defender) and some other cool design choices you get to see while building (The V16 Cylinders as instance).

But on the down side,

  1. A lot of pieces were quite loose on the outer panels, cylinders, and the gear changer (I give you my word, I connected them properly).

  2. The gear box, although being functional, has a complex mechanism for changing which might fail to set in place regularly (iirc it was fixed in the newer 1:8 supercars).

  3. The front suspension is completely bullshit. The front side is too heavy for it.

All the cups that were used to categorize the torn up pieces:


Envious. I have almost no creative building talent. I’m like Emmet from the Lego Movie before he became a Master Builder: I need instructions, my mind works too rigidly to be able to construct anything like what you’ve got there on my own. How anyone even came up with how to design that thing is beyond me. The only things I’ve ever built with Legos were towers. Just stacked Lego pieces that I decided were towers, and then I just knocked them over with my toy Godzilla.


I’m the same way. I love building lego stuff. My son got me the Lego Death Star trench run set. If left to my own devices though, I invariably just build a bunch of versions of the Bird of Prey from Star Trek 3/4.


Everyone has their own field of talent :smiley: You are definitely good in some field I’ll never succeed in.


Well, that’s the best part.


Well, yeah, but I’d at least like to make something recognizable as an actual building, like the Statue of Liberty or something, and then knock it over.


In @MrOchoa’s case, he will probably want to build a mini Tokyo Tower, then destroying it with his Lego Godzilla. :laughing:




I’ve never understood the written version of Godzilla’s roar. There’s no s or k sound in it. It’s -


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The post below marks the 4000th post of the thread, which was the first thread in the new forum to reach 4000.

This thread was the second one to reach 4000 with Silvereyes’ post:


I’m going to Disney World in December. The tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party go on sale at midnight on Thursday (if you’re staying at a Disney Hotel). I’m patiently waiting.


In that case Ochoa here probably only likes Lilo and Stitch because of the Godzilla scene (if he does at all)


The IL Primary is happening now. There has been a high amount of buzz around it bc the Democratic Party and many of their aligned PACs have been dumping money into Republican Darren Bailey (a full blown trump lunatic), and airing anti Richard Irving ads (he’s the non lunatic Republican who might actually be able to beat the incumbent Democrat).

It must be working though bc I saw about 20 millennials walk in in front of me. A couple with pro choice T shirts on, one with a shirt that said “Bernie 2016… alright fine, Hillary 2016” and they all asked for a Republican primary ballot :joy:
I love politics :heart: :ballot_box:


Literally anything but run a Progressive candidate with sensible ideas. This tactic is stupid and dangerous even if they wanted a moderate Democrat to win.

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Without endorsing or condemning, my cousin (mom’s brother’s daughter) is running for one of the Illinois House seats from the Lake County-ish area. I don’t live anywhere near there, but I do wish her the best.


There isn’t a progressive candidate running in IL. JB Pritzger is the incumbent and he’s a moderate democrat. The only democrat challenging him is an army veteran who has literally no chance of winning the primary and even less of winning the general election. They just don’t want a fight come the general if they don’t have to have one.