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Ha! Same name as my cat, just spelled different! :laughing:
Also i am very sorry for your dog :frowning:


It seemed very protesty but I wanted to be sure. It is very cool! And brave, iifc. Correct me if I’m wrong but Iran generally frowns on that sort of stuff, right?


If you are referring to the clothing, Islamic hijab is mandatory for everyone.


Yes, and things like protesting and having a different opinion than the government.


So a bit of good fortune; the people who will be able to tell us Peach’s fate can see her by this Friday morning, so we at least won’t have a drawn out period of fretting.


The police there just beat a teenage girl to death for not wearing a head scarf <<which prompted the protests.


You misspelled motherfucking assholes.


I’ve been appointed for my first UK job interview.
As it’s the first one, I give myself 96% of failure, because I don’t know how all it works and stuff.
But at least I’ll know all this after it :slight_smile:
So it’s a good thing. But who knows, maybe I’ll be lucky… :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t put yourself too down. Unemployment is at a 30 year low in the UK, and there are an estimated million job vacancies. I can tell you that there are a lot of retail and fast food outlets that are desperate for staff. I’m not sure what you’re applying for but hopefully it shouldn’t take too long for you to be able to find some employment of some kind.


I’m trying to get myself into IT, systems administrator if to be specific.
And I couldn’t yet find more or less relevant vacancies for this role, at least in my area.
So I don’t know.
I haven’t any experience in retail or food areas so I’m not looking jobs like these.
We’ll see what turns out of all this :slight_smile:


I don’t know what the IT space is like in the UK, so good luck to you, and hope you find a job you want.




I am the jammiest fucker alive. I’d been umming and ahhing on whether to order a Steam Deck or not earlier this year, and I finally took the plunge in late August and placed a back-order which told me that my expected shipment would be in Q4 2022 - I hear that, and I’m thinking December to minimise disappointment.

Then in September I got the call for jury service that I quoted above, which was scheduled to happen in mid-October. I know there will be a lot of waiting around during my jury service, and I was gutted that I hadn’t placed my order for a Steam Deck earlier so that I’d already have it for the down-time during my jury duty.

Well guess who just got an email tonight saying that my Steam Deck was ready to ship if I wanted to complete my purchase? That’s right, the luckiest HMF-er that you know!

Agent 47 will be infiltrating the courthouse again!


This is not Nazi Germany. This is 2022 Iran.



CBS This Morning covered this not once but twice this morning. I also just saw the inciting incident on Wikipedia’s Top Read. I guess now that the police crackdown is escalating, this story has finally become interesting enough to foreign media and observers? :man_shrugging: It only took an extra week for potentially seismic cultural and political shifts to barely crack through Adam Levine and Jeffrey Dahmer… :man_facepalming:


To correct Yacob, they beat her to death. And she was 22.

The twitter hashtag has gone up to 42M, which would count higher than BlackLivesMatter.

Just when the internet was being cut out for everyone and the police was killing people as young as 13 on streets, Ebrahim Raeisi, who also had a hand in 1988 mass executions, was negotiating with world leaders. The west doesn’t give a shit about “people” unless it’s to their own benefit.


Sometimes I do wonder if this:

Is what some white people, particularly conservative men, see in their heads when they claim they’re being oppressed… They whine when they’re called out for being shit humans; I can’t imagine how they’d deal with a LITERAL Thought Police.


Ok, Peach had an ultrasound and at the moment, it appears that she’s not in imminent danger. She has an enlarged spleen, as was the thinking, but no indication at the moment of anything cancerous or malignant, and no indication that her spleen has or is about to burst. Samples and tests need to be done to determine the cause, but if it is truly confined to her spleen, which is the initial diagnosis at this time, then treatment options are available and we are currently looking at around a 90% chance that she’s gonna be ok. That could change of course if more is found, but even this news is a huge relief, because if there is anything else, the fact that she’s not dying right now implies we will have time to do something about it.



the hitmanforum icon on my phone has been slowly getting smaller over the past month… eventually the icon just stopped working so i had to “reinstall” it


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