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It’s a timber factory of sorts in a village named Winkl, near Amberg.


My wife is amazing, I don’t know how she does it sometimes. I know I’m smarter than most people, but it’s usually just useless trivia that has no practical usage on a day to day basis. The Mrs has knowledge on how to get things done. We just got a notice today, dated more than two weeks ago, that our homeowner’s insurance had been dropped because of corporate greed fuckery, and in the space of only a few hours, had gone through several options and got us set up with a new insurance company on a better deal than we had before for both our house and our vehicles. Now, I could also have eventually gotten this done, but it probably would have taken a few days as I spend hours just researching and then carefully navigating the options, uncertain if I’m making the right choices. My wife, however, got it done in an afternoon, all the while annoyed as hell at the situation. She might as well have the Infinity Stones, because she handled it all in a snap.


Just came back from my holiday in Blackpool. Just spent the weekend there, it was good. The Pleasure Beach is always a great time, especially since they finally finished their refurbishment of the water ride Valhalla so got to go on that twice and get absolutely soaked. Also went into the Blackpool Tower for the first time, that was fun, you get a great view. And saw a fireworks display last night. Pretty good. Just a shame that so much of Blackpool just looks run down. Even the street right behind the big Promenade has lots of buildings that look like they need severe maintenance, if not need to be torn down entirely.

First world problem time: I’m looking forward to Persona 3 Reload, as I’ve posted about it before. I want to buy the special edition of the game. Special edition has been available and already sold out in places like Japan and the USA. In the UK though, they’ve still yet to list the thing anywhere and no news about when it might be listed, or if it will be exclusive to one retailer. (I believe it has been exclusive to Amazon in some places.) The UK chain GAME tends to often get exclusivity to sell special editions of video game in the UK, so might wind up there. Just annoying really, I’m checking several websites a few times a day for something that is likely to sell out quickly and I just don’t want to miss out. And the game comes out in 4 and a half months so no idea how this nonsense will last.


I am in my silly little bed wearing my silly little cow pajamas :cow:

now I sleep :sleeping_bed:


Been feeling really good recently. Work has been great, breaking alot of revenue records and been getting praise from the higher ups which is motivating. In return I’ve been motivating my team to reduce waste and to have daily revenue goals. Things are looking good and I’ve been told I have a promising future if I keep up the work.

In other work related news, we have a VIP event this Friday which I am heading the bartending side of it. I’ll be dressed in more formal clothing for it which I will be providing pictures of in the forum gallery. Some Swangthe(not so)ugly eye candy for everyone soon enough.

Lastly. Vacation next week. I’m super excited for it and have a few things I wanna bring back with me after the week is through. I’ll be posting pictures gradually throughout the week.


All packed up and ready to go! :grin:


Me too! Driving to Paris. Off to play with a band who did a video game soundtrack.


Did said band played any of Wets soundtrack?


Nah not that one. Few years later


Took an L today. Before you read this - I didn’t get the memo that IOI shut down the location carryover and that it’s only the progress that’s getting transferred.

So what happened is - I downloaded Hitman 2 with all the DLC content that I had on Steam, linked it to the IOI account, commenced the carryover to the Hitman 3/World of Assassination on Epic in hopes of getting Bank and Haven. Not only did I not get the locations, I also effectively wiped out all of my 300-hour progress on H3. All maxed out locations, 80 lvl Freelancer Mastery, all EArcades, plenty of unlocks from escalations and FCs, 5 ETs completed with SA - all gone :corky_47:

The moral of the story is to read the manual first :crazy_face:


I am a business turkey!
:briefcase: :turkey:


Found myself on Getty Images. Well the back of my head anyway


Big Yikes, I think that’s the one reason a lot of people waited a year for HITMAN 3 to avoid this particular thing. If you choose a platform it’s best to commit to it. In this case you thought you could merge your locations but disregarded you can’t merge with pre existing progress, but you completely wiped H3 progress in favor for your H2 progress which sucks.

Hopefully you had exclusive limited unlocks like the ICA Coin and Black Winter Suit to at least make it more worth while kinda. And hopefully you have all the ET Suits too.


Had my first proper driving lesson today.
By nature I’m too demanding to myself even if I understand that it’s only the beginning, but I always think that I should do better.
Anyway, I’m glad I’ve taken it, and rode couple of circles around the real block with real traffic and so on.
Instructor said that I performed fantastically well as for the first time ever behind the wheel, though I’m not too happy about it. I know the more I ride the better it will be and strictly speaking I’m quite satisfied of how I did.
At least everybody is alive and all cars are unharmed :slight_smile: