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k so what band was that? Maserati? Explosions in the Sky?

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Hey, I wouldn’t be the atheist I am today without the Lutheran Church!

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And I wouldn’t be the Christian Agnostic (not as contradictory as you might think) that I am today if I had gone to… probably any church.

The Alan Wake 2 Score came out the other day… it doesn’t have the full 9-minute version of This Road by POE… :sob:

It has the 3 individual “parts” from the game and an extra one called “The Beginning”, but even then it all adds up to around 7 mins, and it there isn’t a continuous flow to them if you mash them together…
Dang it. I guess POE is still somewhat tied up in some rights issues with releasing music?

(I remember there being many articles about how she’s largely escaped that trap, much like the song she sings for the game as well as how it ties into Alan Wake 2’s plot of escaping a deep, dark endless hole.)
This Road (AW) is still just via game rips on YT… aw man… :weary: Here’s hoping POE maybe has plans for a full “This Road” compilation album on its own later?


Sidenote: why hasn’t someone given Matthew Porretta an award for AW2? Someone should do that. Just mail it to him posthumously.


I know right? It is a crying shame is what it is. Acting in both real life physical spaces and in the virtual one and he pulled both off.


Anyway, for now, David Harewood! Such a charming guy. Can’t wait to see a bit more of him in the first DLC. I’m surprised it’s taken this long since release with little word on it.

I’m worried the death of James McCaffrey might have impacted it somehow – if they hadn’t had any surplus of his lines filmed beforehand.

(Leaks/Datamining have confirmed that he along with many side-characters in AW2 have a sizeable presence as the focus of the DLC. Kind of anthology-esque.)


Oh I am so glad I get more of The Door, Harewood feels like he should have his own TV show in real life.

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Not either of those!

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While I understand dress codes and tradition I also have a story about this that always makes me laugh. :crown: :dragon: :fire: and I were in Georgia where some of the oldest churches on earth still stand. We did a day tour. Breath taking doesn’t even describe how pretty that country and the old churches are. Anyway they are Eastern Orthodox. They still want women to cover their head when in a church. No big deal, my wife brought along a head scarf. We get to one church where an old woman is sitting next to a collection box with a row of candles. We’re both some bit catholic so we understand what this is. Put some money in the box, light a candle, say a prayer.

We walk up and the woman recognises us as outsiders. She hisses at us and our tour guide politely explains that only Christians can pay money to light a candle. Stupidly, I say Catholics are Christians. Unsure of what to say next he stumbles over some words before saying “she doesn’t believe so.” The ride to the next church was spent with him telling us how wrong the catholics are about everything and why orthodox is the real way to heaven.

It was an interesting experience but my main takeaway was “this is why the catholic church is disgustingly wealthy and the orthodox chuch is not.” Just let me give you a dollar guys!!!


How did she figure out you’re Catholic? Did you do the sign of the cross left handed and she spotted you? Here in Romania, a Catholic can marry an Orthodox Christian person and have a religious ceremony without any issues :person_shrugging:

I wouldn’t give them a cent, the Orthodox Churches are corrupt to the bone, no matter the country.


If only all Religious bigots were this broke!


I don’t know that she knew we were catholic. We were with a tour guide. Perhaps she just saw us as westerners and correctly assumed we weren’t orthodox? My wife was born in Poland and most people correctly guess her origins. Poles usually are catholic. I have Jewish blood and those feature are noticeable as well.


I’m just curious my friend, what emojis you think she use for you? :wink:


I never thought of that one. I’m sure she has a lovingly negative nickname for me that she uses with her friends. I doubt she has put it into emojis though.

Let me ask her and get back to you.


Zero hesitation when I asked her :rofl:
“Peter Pan” her friend came up with it a few years ago, and it was not meant to be a compliment.

No idea how to emoji that though.




That’s a good story, but my main takeaway here is the emoji. My special lady friend’s birth year is 1976, which as we all know is the year of the Fire Dragon. I call her that to her face (and still live to tell the tale), but I’ve never strung the emoji together… so I’m gonna steal that from you.

:ocean: :pig:


I just noticed this. We don’t use our left hand. We just got top bottom left right as opposed to the orthodox top bottom right left. We can use our left hand if we want but it’s rare as even most left handers use their right hand.

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Everyone knows its up down left right A start and not up down right left A start. Orthodox are fake gamers