Whats the best Hitman to get for me being broke

I got $60 and right now on the Xbox One store I have a few options to get and I have never played any of the hitman games but I really want to get the best one for what I have for now so my options are

  1. Hitman 1 GOTY Edition
  2. Hitman 2 Base Game
  3. Hitman 3 Base Game

Hitman 1 obviously just off content will be the best because I will have to most and I wont be able to get any DLC any time soon but I heard that Hitman 2 is the best one but I wont have DLC for a long while and I have watched a good amount of Hitman 3 and some of the maps seem really fun to play (I have not seen any on Hitman 2) So I just wanted to know what peoples thoughts are on which would be the best option is 2 or 3 really that much better then 1 that I should get it regardless of less overall content or should I get one of those anyways (I am leaning towards 3 just because its the newest and The maps seem awesome)

Well, each next game can contain previous games locations, so I guess you can freely get HITMAN 3 and then obtain previous games’ locations within HITMAN 3.
If you want to get the most fullest game and experience, get HITMAN 3 Deluxe Edition


Think this is most sensible whenever I can get money I can get all the older missions at a cheaper price instead of full price and 3 is the newest so it will have the longest longevity compared to the older ones for things like servers and support and “multiplayer” Thank you for the reply I appreciate the help!

There is also a free starter pack for h2, at least on the PS Store. It contains the smallest map of H2 , not the best in term of longevity and content but at least you can try the game. Regarding the deluxe edition of H3 honestly I am not sure it’s worthy. I would save the money for getting H1 or H2. In my opinion the first two maps of H1, Paris and Sapienza, are still the best.

Agree with the others here. Hitman 3. Look for discounts/options for the legacy maps and Hitman 2 maps. I wouldn’t be surprised if IOI gives these out for “free” down the line (like they did for legacy maps for Hitman 2).

If I had to choose one, I’d choose H2 Gold Edition. H2 has far more content than the other games, and you can transfer your progress later (but only once). You can’t transfer your progress in H1, and H3 is very bare-bones at the moment. The only real downside is that you might miss the H3 ETs, if any are released. If you do purchase H2, then you will have to do the escalations again in H3, plus some of the Sniper Assassin trophies.

you can probably get hitman 1 goty + hitman 2 gold on cdkeys for less than $60, they both go on sale all the time

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