What's the best training level mission from all the Hitman games?

What’s the best training level mission from all the Hitman games?

Tutorial, from H:C47.

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But the graphics were so bad!

Nevertheless, Hitman 2 2018 Hawke’s Bay is the best training mission ever created.

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Ok Casual.


Blood Money for me, ofc I still don’t like the way it’s designed, linear and straight forward. I feel like A New Life could have been excellent for a tutorial mission.
Second would be the tutorial level for Hitman 2016 and third the tutorial level for Codename 47. Good.

For me it’s the either was around. Seems like it was designed with the idea that the player already had played Hitman 2016 previously. It even does a poor job explaining the new mechanics of the game.
You can let yourself get recorded by the cameras but since there is no guard in the panic room, you don’t learn that they can spot and come to your position immediately. Same thing with the reflective mirrors and surfaces. Oh and that neat trick with the glass being blurred by the steam which never gets used again…

It also suffers the same issue with the Blood Money tutorial level as in it doesn’t represent the future levels. In every other level, targets and npcs follow a schedule in a loop where in Hawke’s Bay they don’t. Target enters home, chats on the phone, goes to the bathroom, goes on the balcony, goes to bed. End script. Well there’s the part where she speaks with her sister about her daughter but I’ve never seen that since you have to wait some time for that to happen.


The training levels from 2016 are easily the best.
It teaches you all the basic stuff you need to know for future levels. It strongly encourages you to replay the level using a different approach.

None of the other tutorials come even close if you are honest


The training level for Hitman GO is obviously the best.


H6 training missions are clearly superior to the others. I don’t know what they were going for with Hawke’s Bay but it just doesn’t work.


The whole fake cruise ship and army base hidden inside a mountain feels kinda goofy. Straight out of a James Bond movie… which Hitman 2016 felt like a James Bond game… hmmm. IOI really want to make a James Bond game it seems.

But imo the setting is irrelevant.

The goal of a tutorial is to teach you and prepare you for the rest of the game. The training levels of 2016 simply do a much better job at this than all the others.


Totally agree.

My guess is they used that level as a testbed during development to test new stuff and they decided to include it in the final game. That’s just my guess though.

I’m gonna have to say I don’t think the training levels in 2016 are that great. They don’t really teach that many game mechanics besides disguises, enforcers, and mission stories. The yacht in particular encourages the player to just kill your target in a situation where his body would be found. Both the final test and the yacht are also very hand-holdy which doesn’t help the player grow at all and makes them completely lost for the showstopper.

My vote goes to Hawkes because it encourages classic challenges, clever approaches, but is still easy enough for newcomers by providing helpful items and easy knockouts. It also teaches the player about distractions, cameras, challenges, enforcers, hostile area, and more without hand holding the entire mission, with only a little bit of a walkthrough up until the computer.

I think the goal of Hawks bay was to serve as a reminder of the mechanics rather than an introduction to them. The approach does make some sense, since Hitman 2016 and 2018 ultimately work as a whole and 2018 already gives you access to the tutorials from 2016, even if you don’t have the legacy pack.


Lol, big lol.

It teaches you all the basics you need to know.

No it doesn’t. You clearly have not been paying much attention if you think that. If even tells you to hide the body in a closet after you killed him when the guy he is talking to has his back turned.

That is the entire point of a good tutorial.

It encourages none of those things.

Training levels in 2016 already taught you that, in a much better and more clear way.

Hawke’s Bay teaches the player barely anything, and without the training levels of 2016 it does a piss poor job at teaching you the basics.

It tries to be both a tutorial and a real mission, but fails hard at both.

It Hitman’s case, a tutorial offering hand holding can actually be a bad thing, since the rest of the missions offer none of it outside of mission stories. Players might become reliant on it and either be completely lost in the game or only use mission stories, both of these aren’t good.

Huh. I don’t remember that at all, but I’ll take your word for it.

The challenge menu shows very unique kills and pushes the player to try them. Outside of that, the player is able to set up the mission anyway they want and gather any helpful items they choose. The mission also has the player start in their suit and Diana tells the player to do the mission quietly and without collateral damage or something along those lines.

Hawkes is also the perfect experimentation map for new players because of all of the items and weapons they have access to and some of the isolated guards to enact shenanigans on.

No, a good tutorial holds your hand in order to teach you essential info that you can’t skip by accident. Also as soon as you finished the yaught for the first time the game stresses you to replay it, and the handholding in that phase there is already greatly reduced, preparing you for the later missions.

Same applies to the final test.

It does not even have a falling object, and only 1 disguise. Nahh it falls incredibly short as a tutorial, especially without the guidance, training and prep from the 2016 training levels.

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HITMAN™ Training Levels are the best ever made hands down :+1:

I too think the H2016 tutorial serves it’s purpose very well. Only small details bother me, like The Final Test missing lethal melee items or lethal poisons, as these are very common things to use in missions. Freeform Testing has more useful items on the other hand. Shame we can’t do contracts there.

I think H2 could have updated them a bit to include the Car Battery and the Briefcase (in Freeform Testing).

Atmosphere wise they are actually quite good. I remember starting my H2016 career in them and immediately liked the set-up. Everything looking fake encourages more to test around as you have the impression things are less lethal. Even if it is just an illusion. :smile:

Regarding handholding, I think it is expected to some degree. It decreases with the second Freeform and Final Test to the regular level of it.

Still, very good tutorials teach you stuff without being hand-holding. Game design can make the player to have the “right idea”. Half Life 2 did that quite well (there is a YT video about it) but I think Hitman is too complex for this approach.

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H2016 tutorial missions really set up the novice player in “how to Hitman”. You start in a safe space outside The Yacht. The tutorial area is a smaller space than a typical level with the prototypical hitman spaces, from crowded public spaces to less inhabited areas. H2016 hand-holds new players in how to maneuver through the choke points, using the disguise system, and introducing new players to the replayability of levels.

The fake setups such as the yacht and arm base for Hitman practice is tonally consistent with the rest of Hitman. Over the top, James Bond, super spy stuff with self-aware comedic elements.

Hitman: Codename 47 came out at the same time as, No One Lives Forever" NOLF which was a first person shooter with stealth gameplay. It contained James Bond like gadgets and the same comic overtones as Hitman.