What's the best way to do freedom fighters

I can’t get past Colorado can some help

What specifically are you having problems with?

I’d recommend taking the elite guard disguise in the pickup removal truck outside the main house, in between the house and the barn. That should make things easier


Getting caught out by guards

what difficulty are you playing on? are you trying to do a suit only run?

Run out into the camp in your starting suit and firing at anything that moves.

No in all seriousness. There is a militian technician suit in the bunkhouse near the water tower. Put that on and it will help or you can nab the Spec Ops or Pointman disguises from one of the two in there. Like Jacques said the elite militia disguise is in a truck trailer near the firing range.

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All you really have to do is to get to the main house. This video below can show you how to do it in one go, how to get to the basement that is.

While inside the main house you can make a save, and then you can kill 3 of the targets from Sean’s room. Shoot the haystack (works with pistol) and kill Maya Parvati. Then kill Sean when he comes up to the room. Then shoot the chandelier from Sean’s room and kill Penelope. Then you can kill Ezra when escaping the basement. You can also kill Ezra before entering the basement as seen in the video, and hide him in the box, and steal his basement key.

Normal difficulty its hard

If I were you, get a disguise right away from a distraction close to the default start. There’s a moving truck close to the house where you can easily get a militia elite disguise which led you into the house

Keep trying, first few times I got gunned down within seconds bc I just ran out into the open lol There are some blind spots to navigate to the first disguise, I recommend luring one of the guards talking close by with a coin behind the truck and knocking him out and taking his disguise.

First time completing this is the hardest, but you’ll get it eventually and unlock other starting disguises :slight_smile: For the kills using the opportunities is advisable when you’re on your first playthroughs, bc you’ll get to know the map. Good luck!

Point Man opportunity. You can kill 2 targets with the battering ram. The mask guy is easy to kill in his little hut.

Like @abeg said, all kills can be done from and inside of main house.

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