What's the best way to get silent assassin on heaven island

What’s the best way to get silent assassin on heaven island

If you’re a total newbie try the mission stories.
If you’re more experienced try the other challenges.
If you are aiming for a suit only run as well, either focus on isolation, accidents, or poison. You may find that challenge kills are possible in your suit.
If you’re more experienced try to create your own methods. You’ll have the most fun this way, trust me

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Avoid getting spotted and make sure no bodies are found. I’ve heard some players saying you need to avoid getting recorded too. Perhaps someone could confirm?


cant kill Non-Targets, too


There’s probably a variety of ways but I’d say really take your time. Be patient and watch NPC movements. When you have the opportunity, knock out NPCs and hide their bodies. Oh and get to know where targets move around to. They tend to loop around the same spots unless certain things happen like a mission story or a death of a target. Good luck :slight_smile:

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I think the best way (and the easiest) to get SA is to gather up all three in the server room by shutting down the server.
You’ll need to get rid of several of technicians that can fix the server, but eventually when those three will gather in control room you just need to shoot once in a water barrel, preliminarily ruining the extension outlet.
Easy and relatively quick electrocution simultaneous kill

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Finally got my hands to record my walkthrough :arrow_up:

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