What's the most boring thing you like to do in Hitman?

I like to explore the resort at the Maldives and loiter around like I am a real tourist :stuck_out_tongue:


Neatly placing items on things. When I see a soda can casually strewn about on the lawn I’ll take it to the kitchen counter or a table, to give just one example.



A prompt where you could ask a passer-by to take a picture with your camera would be welcome, as it does start feeling pointless after a couple of minutes.


Sometimes I like to do the whole level cleanup.
But not in chaotic and Rambo-style, in silent assassin style.
I mean kill (yes, kill) every single NPC on the level with not being spotted myself or let any body being found.
Extremely boring, but I find this fun


I love killing all the guards without getting spotted and hiding their bodies. Then I terrorize the civilians :stuck_out_tongue:


Punch random people and kill some with a knife.
Or walk around the map and explore.


I love to pretend to be a real mailman in Whittleton Creek


Sometimes when I get bored with Hitman I walk around and just throw things at people watch them fall and laugh my ass off.


For some reason, I just really hate Dexy Barat… I have loaded the Bangkok level just to go kill that one NPC, or punch her in the face, or poison her, or some other malicious thing. I have ignored Jordan Cross and Ken Morgan and just gone for her. I have no idea why. Oh, when she showed up in Mendoza I actually had to reload a saved game because, purely on instinct, I shot her in the head right in the middle of the party.


i like to act like a tourist in sapienza and whack people with a didgeridoo

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In Blood Money, I like to go on Death on the Mississippi and kill everyone by shoving them over railings, then throw them overboard so there are no markers on the map when I leave and the results say ‘113 accidents’

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There is no didgeridoo in Sapienza :unamused:
You got me excited for this boring thing only for me to find out it can’t be done!
I guess the golf club will have to do.

the didgeridoo part was for miami

I like to pretend to be a real food server in Miami :stuck_out_tongue:


Walking through the art installation in Dubai. I like it, it’s very pretty.


Step 1, Wear the tropical suit.

Step 2, equip any leather briefcase or the original executive case.

Step, 3 this is all in whittleton creek

Step 4, neatly place the briefcase next to the seating position of any bench

Step 5, sit on the bench.

Step 6, You want a chocolate?

(I’ve sat down like this to enjoy locations like Miami, Mendoza, Sapienza, and Whatever map with a bench that I like for hours on end, I wish I was joking)