What's the plan for future Elusives?

They addressed that in one of the livestreams last year that it was something that they didn’t end up going with (and probably was/evolved into the Arcade) and regretted announcing that back in 2020. If anyone was still expecting that by the end of the year, that’s again falling on the person with the expectations of getting more ETs since that situation had already been cleared up.

By that point, nobody was expecting new ETs, just hoping. We didn’t know the end of the 7DS was the end of the stream of ETs, too.


IOI are busy working on Freelancer, but any additional content they put out in the meantime is always a good thing surely? We have a new map coming as well, so good things always come to those that wait.

We could have been in a situation where we wasn’t getting any roadmaps/content whatsoever and IOI were letting us wait months without anything.


What’s the plan for future Elusives?



Capcom has plans. Valve has plans. Ubisoft’s got plans. They’re streamers. Streamers trying control their little fan base. We (IOI) are not streamers.


Is it possible that we may see Alexander Kovak as a new Elusive Target? He is mentioned by a certain someone (Diana) during one of HITMAN 3’s maps.
(Link to a video where he’s mentioned)
If somehow Kovak could appear as an ET before the HITMAN 3 timeline, I would like to see it happen.