What's the point of the seiger 3000?

I know that it is the only silent sniper in the game but what’s the point of it being silent if, upon shooting my target, the whole police force knows where I am instantly??

What benefit do I possibly get from it being silent then??

Benefit is you won’t be killed instantly.
You have time to escape.
As for sniping mechanics, there are bunch of talking about it, especially after IOI ‘fixed’ it.
Everybody saying it became even worse. But IOI in the know and promises to work on this case.
Maybe (if we’re extremely lucky) someday silent sniper rifle will be the lifesaver

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If you’re not shit then it’s great. But if you’re shooting people blatantly in public with a bunch of witnesses, you’re going to have a bad time


but when using a normal sniper rifle I get the same effect so I really don’t get the benefit of the silent one.

Can someone break down the difference for me and the after effects of shooting a silenced/non-silenced sniper?

Unless you’re in a really far away or soundproofed sniping spot, you will get “gunshot heard” with unsilenced. Never happens with silenced, regardless of where you shoot.

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Good opportunity to mention I finished that Marrakesh Sniper Assassin Contract, @KevinRudd. Timed it the same way as before and can confirm I had been getting super unlucky in catching the lady in white and the repair man in the guard kill explosion. Typical.

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Try the sniper escalation on A House Built on Sand, that really demonstrates the difference between silenced and unsilenced

Silenced or unsilenced, you should be leaving your hide as soon as you’ve taken a shot. If you stick around, it’s no wonder you’re getting caught.

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Hmm that reminds me… I forgot to check if IOI have fixed the 20 second Panic Flag issue…



Oops, I meant seiger 300!

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Ahem. The difference is that you can actually get spotted with an unsilenced, whilst with silenced ones, the armed guys just go to the direction where the bullet came from. The difference is that with the other one alerts people around you with the gunshot and the other one doesnt. Go to Hokkaido in your room, shoot an unsilenced and a silenced weapon. See the difference?

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I hope they’ll fix the AI. It’s dumb how quickly they home in on your location. They should instead start doing pat-down checks on everyone “suspicious” and stuff. A subsonic rifle round should be damn near impossible to even detect.

The sniper rifle mechanics appear to have been vastly improved recently already. With the silenced rifle, I have plenty of time to shoot and make good my escape before the guards arrive.

I don’t understand the unsilenced rifles, which give away the gunman instantly. Nor the rifles without a zoom. Who wants an imprecise sniper rifle?

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Most of the unsilenced rifles are piercing, which means they are supposed to be able to shoot through walls…for Hitman 2016 some impressive wallbang runs (by CJ for example) were created using those sniper rifles…but I’m not sure they work like that in Hitman 2 anymore. In Hitman 2 I’ve seen them mostly used to challenge yourself using an unsilenced weapon

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I can only think of one use besides the ‘piercing’ ones… the standard Jaeger is so weak that you’re able to shoot people in the leg and they fall down, so if they’re standing near a ledge or in water, it will count as an accident kill. I was playing around with it last night to make a contract where you lure the Sapienza beachgoers into the water then shoot them in leg with Jaeger so you can get SA… for the first 4 times it worked every time, plus the location I was in my shots went unnoticed even though it was unsilenced! But then every single time after that, I couldn’t get the targets far enough into the water, they just got up rather than drowned, plus all of a sudden shooting from the exact same spot now everyone heard my gunshot -_-

Would’ve been a cool contract if it worked… an excuse to use an unsilenced rifle, not have everyone run to you, and figure out a little puzzle. Alas it’s not to be.

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I actually don’t like the Sieger 300’s now false sense of security (Guard Bullet Trace works even with Silenced Weapons) and pitiful damage.

These days I do all my sniping with a a Jaeger Lancer 7 while checked in at “Room 909”. :wink: