Whats ur opinion on the first hitman games?

just wanted to ask a question, whats ur opinion on the first three hitman games?

Loved them. What do you think?

1 is okay.
2 is a bit better.
3 is really good.

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Codename 47 will always have that Special place in my heart for its amazing atmosphere, creativity and story. SA is a very hard but very rewarding experience with one of the best Soundtracks I’ve ever heard and it introduced many defining aspects of the Series, like the rating system.
Contracts is the most refined Game of the Trilogy, that lacks a real Story but makes up for it with its dark atmosphere and trippy Cutscenes, and once again Jesper Kyd did a flawless Job composing the Soundtrack.

I love all three Games and recommend everyone who haven’t played them to do so asap.


Codename is very good, i liked it very much
SA is horrible and bad except the soundtrack
Contract is my favorite, the seefood massacre is, i think, one of my favorite mission in the entire serie

my opinion on them are

3.hit and miss

  1. Saint
  2. Saint
  3. Joke

i see alot of people hate contracts and idk why

That’s funny cos I’ve never met the person who would dislike Contracts, not including those who dislike all old Hitman games.
Anyway, here are my thoughts on Contracts. Tried to explain why I dislike it

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - The first one I played
The Good. Great soundtrack, good graphics, good level design, decent plot. Major points for being the first game that I played that had ragdoll physics!
The Bad. Difficulty, broken AI, broken detection meter, a few barren levels. YAME! YAME!

Hitman: Codename 47 - Second one I played
The Good. Great soundtrack, good graphics (for it’s time ofc :stuck_out_tongue:), decent level design, okay-ish plot that still does the job, Traditions of the Trade is still one of the best level in the series, cheesy dialogue that has the right amount of cheese. He’s packing!
The Bad. Difficulty, unclear objectives on some levels, some of the levels are way too big, M̶r̶Ochoa is a bullet sponge, s̶a̶v̶e̶ checkpoint system is laughably bad, glitchy.

Hitman Contracts: Third one I played
The Good. Decent soundtrack, decent graphics, good level design, great cinematics, a more polished Hitman 2: Silent Assassin experience, great atmosphere, first game and probably the only game that I played that I heard NPCs speak (broken) Romanian.
The Bad. Feels more like an expansion pack for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin rather than a main Hitman title, barely any plot, not a proper remake of C47 (we’re still waiting IOI).

A bit of trivia related to the Romanian dialogue in Hitman Contracts
In The Meat King’s Party mission, the guard that frisks you says “Cunosti procedura, acum iti simt carnea.” - “You know the procedure, I now feel your flesh.”, the correct translation is “… I now feel your meat.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Codename 47:

It’s a dated game that needs to be updated and acknowledged by IO in the sense that the game need’s updated controls and to properly support widescreen resolutions for newer hardware. The game arguably has the best story in the whole series and is a humble beginning for the Franchise. I recommend if you’re interested in seeing where the series started, but warn people about the difficulty since that’s the main stigma attached to the game.

Silent Assassin:
What can I say? I love this game and it’s my second favorite in the original trilogy. Silent Assassin is in my very own opinion the ideal personal tale that HITMAN as a series can offer. Jesper Kyd is at his best in terms of the series soundtrack with it being fully orchestrated. Silent Assassin is up to par in terms of difficulty with Codename 47, but has a relatively forgiving save system that can help anybody who use’s it. This title I strongly recommend to anyone who is interested in a HITMAN Game that refines on everything that Codename 47 did, but made it better.

Contacts is my personal favorite out of the original trilogy due to it essentially being all just a remembered memory. It was also at the time my first HITMAN game that I was introduced to at a young age when I was 6-7 and saw my father play it on a desktop computer. Contract’s is essentially the blacksheep of the trilogy in the sense that it’s a filler game that consists of Remakes. It’s a culmination of the HITMAN Formula and would be considered the best to play for new players who just discovered the series.

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Our Overlord and Savior @Jarbinger dislikes Contracts too, for reasons (at least to me) unknown.

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One of my favorite games overall. Having this hideout with a weapon shed. The story. The music. The ending. Art.

Hitman 2 has Murder at the Bazaar and Temple City Ambush and also Basement Killing and Graveyard Shift and also Tracking Hayamoto and all the missions in Russia… plenty of really fun levels.
C47 is fun but after Traditions of the Trade it drops in quality significantly. Not that Lee Hong Assassination is perfect with its adventure-like structure: get code, find item, bring item and so on.
Hitman Contracts really made the system a little more flexible, allowing for all-zeroes runs, but yeah, too many levels where 47 requires a disguise to even explore the level a little.

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The Rotterdam Missions are fun in Codename 47, i used to hate Plutonium runs loose but it has grown on me over last years and nowadays i would say its a great Mission, once you understand what you have to do.

The Romania Missions are also cool.

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Romania missions are not Hitman, the first one is again and adventure type level and the last level is, like in every classic Hitman, a final action-packed showdown.

Rotterdam is not outright awful, but what were they thinking with the whole “walk through the gates only with an another soldier?”

I’d say Say “Hello!” to my Little Friend is not bad, but the bullet sponge boss-fight sucks.

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I think the problem here is a lack of communication between the game and the player. they could have added a Cutscene or a Sentence in the Briefing that explains or at least hints to the fact that you need not only the right Disguise but also someone who knows the Password to get access.

You can skip this sequence if you bring the Sniper Rifle with you or you just slit Pablos Throat. Personally I always found that shootout very amusing with his Insults and Taunts.

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Codename 47: Not the worst Hitman game, but it’s up there.

Silent Assassin: Great game, definitely an improvement on C47.

Contracts: Best of the three.

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I highly enjoy the past games, I grew up with them and it was the first video game series I fell in love with from the moment I saw it on a Danish Video game/comic book tv-show.

My love for Codename 47 is mainly tied to the nostalgic feelings I harbour towards the title, rather then how it aged with time. On the other hand the real Hitman 2 is still my favourite Hitman game to this date, all from plot, to music. Contracts is also a game I highly enjoy in this day and age, even if it can only be considered to be Hitman 2.5.

I would go so far and say I enjoy both Hitman 2 and Contracts above H16 and H2.


They are a great memory from simpler times.

You can tell how much they upped their level design though. Would rather solely have Paris than all these 3 games combined.