What's with Vanya Shah's Servant?


What’s the story of Vanya Shah’s servant, Rima (the one who taste tests the tea in the train sheds to see if it’s poisoned)? They both share the last name of Shah, and Rima’s notably very facially disfigured. Is there any story to her?


Considering Rima would’ve sacrifice herself for Vanya, I presume sometime Vanya saved her life, maybe…



What about revealing more of this?


Is it some type of Easter egg or something?


When Vanya left The Maelstrom’s crew, she had PTSD and it was Rima that saved her, this is the only thing I know.


Do you remember where this was mentioned? I vaguely remember picking up a note about it somewhere, that i never bumped into again, but i may be confusing it with something else…


I think it was stated on her bio.


I adore the idea that all these secondary characters have a whole backstory plotted out on a database at IOI. That shit gets me going! :grin:


Oh yeah, always forget about these :expressionless:

(I swear, i remember reading or hearing more about her in-game, but it was during one of the very first playthroughs, so it didn’t properly registered and i can’t recall, where it was. Gonna go running around Mumbai like a headless chicken again and search for it, i guess. I really want to know that backstory about her face.)


I am super invested in this thread if anyone could find out more.


I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that Vanya is the one that caused the damage to Rima’s face. In the briefing that LordShaw above lists, it even mentions times where the Shaw has “no memories.” Perhaps the trauma of Vanya doing the damage on Rima caused the memory loss for what she did much like the trauma (PTSD) for when she was a pirate? Perhaps it was an accident? I don’t know why, but I just get the weird feeling that Vanya was the cause of it.


I don’t think so, Rima seems so fond of her. I think it’s going to be the case of Rima being a victim of acid attack by some shitstain she rejected, and then she got banished & was alone because of the injury.

In her exile, she found Vanya and took care of her, cuz she saw her as a fellow outcast (and got nothing else to do), and now, she’s serving her, because she’s grateful to her for the opportunity to get back into the society, and with better status than ever.

Dunno, that’s my theory so far, at least till we find more :slight_smile:


Very true! My thoughts though on why Rima is so devoted to Vanya is much like how the Manson girls were so devoted to Manson despite abuse/etc., or like Patty Hearst. Basically Stockholm Syndrome.


Yeah, that’s also possible, but i don’t really feel it there, what’s between them seems genuine.

Although, looking closer at her injury, i’m not 100% sure with my theory of it being a result of an acid attack. It kinda looks like it could be also scalping, but dunno, what’s with the eye.


Vanya actually cries if Rima dies which is a detail I was not prepared for in a game about murder.


Just reporting - spent the whole yesterday’s evening listening to Mumbai audiofiles and haven’t found anything relating to Rima’s face. So if that information is there (and i haven’t accidentally skipped some file), it’s not delivered via dialogue.

(But instead, i found bunch of NPC lines commenting on my ninja outfit… hmmmm :thinking:)


Were they spoken in an Indian accent? A transcript would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


About the outfit you mean? Yeah, i would say so, one is spoken by Maelström

  • “I know it’s silly, but he was dressed up as a ninja. Really funny, huh?”

  • “Oh, that’s too bad, i already let a ninja through today. If only you had come as roman gladiator instead.”

  • “Ah, just your luck, it’s astronauts and knights only past this point, no ninjas i’m afraid.”

  • “I though ninjas are supposed to move unnoticed.”

  • “He was dressed as a ninja. I thought he was coming straight from some comics convetion or something like that.”

…and few others…
I can upload some, if you want to listen. There are some that could be also for Vampire Magician outfit, but that was just one or two lines, so that’s probably nothing. But there is like 11 lines for ninja, so we may be getting the ninja outfit unlocked for all locations at some point? That would be cool…

Suit Reward Ideas for Hitman 2

I am almost certain this is for the ninja suit that is included in the Definitive Edition of Hitman 2016. We might some day get that one.