What's Your Hitman Playstyle?

After seeing a few videos uploaded by forum members playing each other’s contracts, it got me thinking about playstyles. How do you prefer to play hitman? (You can vote for 2)

  • Slow and Methodical
  • Speedrun
  • Mission Story Centric
  • Creative Methods
  • Chaotic
  • Kill Everyone

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Slow and Methodical: You take your time, you craft well-planned kills, and are in no rush to get those 5 stars

Speedrun: If its not the fastest almost game-breaking run possible you are not satisfied

Mission Story Centric: You prefer to stick to the story methods of killing targets

Creative Methods: It might take time or it might be quick, but either way you are not happy with a standard kill. The target must die to your in-game Rube Goldberg machine before you are satisfied

Chaotic: Stars are not important to you. If a guard sees you and you kill him, it’s just part of the experience. You are more than happy to exit a burning level with half the people dead and every disguise compromised.

Kill Everyone: Self-explanatory


It’s gotta be slow and methodical when setting up the perfect hit! You can’t rush genius :sunglasses:


Slow and Methodical. The ultimate goal for me is always SO/SA with melee kills only. I’ve only just begun the Hitman reboot series, and those goals seem pretty tough from the outset. I’m not a huge fan of tossing coins all over the place for distractions, I like to leave the smallest footprint possible (subduing only when absolutely necessary, for example) and the targets in Paris and Sapienza, at least, seem to have a body guard following them everywhere they go and mostly stick to pretty public areas.

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I agree :slight_smile: I think it’s too videogamey, unless I’m using it to turn someone’s head!

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Slow and methodical at first, then chaotic when challenges are complete and the map feels familiar…


I voted for methodical and creative. I most often play with what I consider to be a realistic approach. I don’t always need the perfect SA rating. I’m happy when my run is professional. Sometimes I’ll play though with a no save no restart rule. When I make mistakes this can lead to chaos, but I am generally trying to avoid that.

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Slow and methodical, generally trying for accident or poison kills, failing that I strive for nobody to find the body. Lots of disguises, as for me that’s the best part of the game. Basically just trying to keep anyone from noticing anything happened

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I would say I play all playstyles except for speed run. Depends on many things like how much time I have, what mood I am in.


If Ghost Mode counts, I’m doing speed runs too, because Ghost Mode is about competition and thus a speed. So to win you must be faster and more inventive than your opponent


One more thing I love are “set it and forget it” assassinations, and anything where the target does themselves in (like the ol vodka in the fireproof gel trick) set it up, then go find the tapes to delete, or just a good spot to watch.

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A combination of Slow and Methodical & Creative Methods. Especially during my first playthrough it’s a lot of slow paced trial-and-error for me to get to the most creative kill. I search for interesting intel and once I notice there’s a pattern I slowly try to get the kill done. During my first H2 playthrough I managed to get almost all the best kills (imo) done without using mission story guidance or looking things up on the internet. I think you can get the most out of the game if you play like this, since killing your targets in the most unique way possible feels really rewarding when you found it out yourself.


Slow and methodical for me, but I always follow the mission stories of every mission first to get a feel for the maps as well as to follow the game’s canon.
After, it’s time to spend almost an hour crafting my own assassinations. (Poison or accidental explosions are my go-to)

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That’s how I figured out the firework push double kill in Paris. I’d unlocked the tech starting point, so loaded in with it and found the trigger. Went upstairs, got a bodyguard disguise and was trying to work out dropping the chandelier while the target was at the podium when I remembered the trigger and decided to see what it did. Took the easy kill and giggles out loud when I saw her stick the landing

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There are some more I would add:
“Challenge Kills” = based on an assassination challenge (Can be talked about with mission story kills).
“Routine Kills” = based on the target’s routine, learn his routine, know when he is pretty much alone / can pacify his guard and kill him unnoticed, and then kill him exactly there each time, same way.

(BTW, I don’t think anyone dedicated enough to the game each time kills everyone, people like to joke alot)

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Normally I am only playing Silent Assassin just to unlock everything. Then I am just playing around with the level. Killing everyone stealthily, kill everyone but the targets without them knowing. Just going around and doing stuff the levels gives you. Most of the time I don’t even complete the mission, I just exit to the menu.

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slow and methodical as well as creative. while I won’t make some wild contraption, I will always find a creative kill while staying quiet.

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I like to make it up as I go, so it’s like making a unique little story,
I try to be a clever stealthy hitman and if I slip up try to contain the situation as best as possible.
I like the feeling of discovery so I try to avoid the handholding features of the reboot entries.

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