What's your level?

Just a curiosity.
What’s everyone’s level? I just passed 700.

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The first place you may want to check is the Known Issues thread:
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872 for me. Some users (@Count.Rushmore for one I think) are way up there though.

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I’m at 1017. I’m currently trying to SA every single Featured Contract. I wonder what level I’ll reach once I’m done with all that.

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435, decided not to transfer my progress over from H2 when the game launched so I started from scratch. I’ve 100%'d All the H3 levels, completed all escalations so far and did SA/SO + Sniper assassin on all levels across all three games. Atm I’m switching between getting 100% on all H1 maps and getting SA on all featured contracts.

Just passed 300. Started playing a month ago and there is still so much for me to learn.


I’m currently 678 in HITMAN 3 and 3491 in HITMAN 2.
If I did my carryover I would’ve been 4169 of level, but I don’t want to be locked to Epic forever, so I started from scratch and waiting HITMAN 3 to hit Steam.
I’ll continue grinding my level there


I am currently 2344 in PS4.


I started over for Hitman 3 on Epic and I’m already at 500 or so, so I’m a bit addicted. Hitman 2 on Steam I left off at like 900 I think. I’m not that into contracts mode, so that limits some of my XP.

962, so nothing special, lol

Just reached 800! :slight_smile: