When Creators go bad


Are you intentionally trolling?


No, I am seriously answering your question, and my preceding comment explains why.


inb4 “Hitler did nothing wrong” again

You’re a god damn nause with this edgelord nonsense.


Then I have nothing else to say to you on this matter, you clearly aren’t interested in the truth.


There you go with that goddamn Hitler comment again that nobody said. Is that your equivalent of Trump’s “fake news” comment to invalidate the opinion of anyone he doesn’t like?


I know the truth. What I’m saying is that I don’t care. Even if they are all 100% guilty, I don’t care.


You know the truth, but have no interest in the truth itself. That makes you somewhat foolish.


I can’t seem to discuss this (type it out) without it turning into a circular reasoning fest. Nobody is perfect, we all have our weaknesses, etc. So with that, I’ll just focus on their gifts to society.

We can choose to appreciate their gifts, or not. Maybe that chef that makes the most delicious soups is a tad too fond of his heritage. We all have our contributions to society, and that can help humanity as a whole. But, again, not one of us is perfect. It’s like a compromise. (Here I almost got off onto a ‘machine’ analogy, but I won’t bother - not feeling that inspired atm. And something else about how we’re all connected… but yeah.) Humans. smh.

1st and last post. I know better than to touch debate/touchy topics with a 10 ft pole, but here is my… “contribution”. Have a blessed day y’all.


The Fake Nihilism of an Internet Edgelord rears its unwelcome head yet again and threatens to ruin another thread.



Nothing shows that you don’t care like eagerly repeating that you don’t care.

Of course, it’s easy to claim that you don’t care when you view the problems as an abstract that can’t effect you. Even easier to be surprised when it does come your turn to feel the burn per se.

Perhaps if you really don’t care yet you should stay out of threads on topics that you don’t care about.


A little wordy, but yeah, I’d have that on a t-shirt.


Steady now!

Oh, nevermind.

Ok seriously, what does “inb4” mean? Fuck that makes me feel old


The difference is that nobody wanted to listen to Lostprophets before we knew he was a wrongun.


In means “in before”.


So then what does in before Hitler did nothing wrong again mean? It doesn’t make sense to me…



Shit, why didn’t I think about checking UD? I’m tripping. Thanks @Quinn & @rattleshnake.


I feel like it’s two things:

  1. The Artwork stands Alone - Once an Artist expels a Work from themselves it becomes an item separate from them. You can admire their handiwork even with no regard for the person(s) who made it. For example, you can buy a car and like it, but that says nothing of your personal opinion of the person who drew up the designs for the car or the person who made the upholstery.

  2. Personal Integrity - Each person is an integrated whole and it is impossible to single out one aspect to discount others because in all cases you have to deal with the whole person. This is something an Artist with personal issues must face in that while they may be capable of doing brilliant Work, their personal presence may no longer be desired by audience members or by colleagues due to perceived evils of being in close proximity to them. For example a genius soccer team coach with anger issues who hits the children may have won championships but will find that others do not want him around children and may find himself barred from practicing his craft around young people due to safety issues. He can still practice his strategic genius in other ways (eg: becoming a chess player) but to maintain or improve his status in society will require improvement in his behavior.


I think I’ll drop this here so we can all laugh at R Kelly