When does second TV crew interview Novikov?

I remember once noticed that TV crew interviewed Novikov (that crew that you steal lense from).
How to trigger that?

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You have to get the lense inside the Van (just outside where the blog reporter woman is on the phone) retrieve the lense, then take it back to her by triggering a conversation. Once you do that, she will make her way to Novikov outside the main entrance (may take a while so be patient)

I believe you just have to be patient. Once Viktor went through his routine a few times the interview happens without any player input.


This is not that he refers to.
He talks about that two who stands near the fountain at the default start. Lindsey La Coeur her name is and an operator

Wait wait… I thought there was only one TV interview? The other crew also interview him?

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i dont think the crew ever interviews him, only the “nobody”

Oh that! Yeah I knew that happened. I thought he meant the other reporter lol alright.

immadummee47 was right.
About 30 minutes mark Novikov gives an interview to Lindsey La Coeur.

+ funny glitch after 3:15

You don’t have to do anything to make it happen. You can just roam the map or stand still and wait till that time.


Thank you all.
So I guess I’ll have to be patient.


You really ain’t missing much tbh…

If you’re interested, I have written exactly what is said during the interview by both Novikov and Lindsey (post 95)


God damn… Countless hours poured into HITMAN and HITMAN 2 - and there is still content that was released three years ago I haven’t seen.



Has anyone tried fitting La Coeur’s crew’s camera with an explosive? Or can you only tamper with the amateur blogger’s camera?

you cant rig her camera unless you make the cameraman drop it, which he has 50/50 chance of breaking it when it drops. and even if it doesnt break, he picks up a new camera out of thin air.

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This is how you set up the speaker :speaker: kill though right?

Not sure what you talking about, but there is a nice speaker-kill opportunity when he walks around the venue and stops right under the speaker in the catwalk observation area. It takes couple of minutes to kill him this way

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