When I shooted people, some NPC's falling to the ground but they're not dead. Why?

I was played Contracts few years ago but I’m asking now.

That folks falling like they’re paralysed, when I check map they’re alive.

And what’s the issue? They are just wounded but not dead yet.

Because they have fallen over after being shot? They do get back up, you know, they don’t just turn into statues.

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What’s happening here?

  1. I’m shooted a man (Let’s say he’s target)
  2. He looks like he’s dead
  3. But game doesn’t says “Objective Complete”
  4. I’m opening map and I see he’s not dead.

He’s badly wounded but not dead. Just keep shooting him and he’ll die.


Thanks for answer.

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Solution: Headshot! :+1:


No problem.

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They’re probably paralysed then.

You will also get a red kill indicator if you kill them, if they are wounded it’s just white

I shot a man and I likeeeeed it…

thats exactly what I wait from IOI: return mode when enemies injured and laying on the ground and hold stomach