When is a Hitman 3 complete/definitiv edition coming out?


when do we get a hitman 3 complete/definitiv edition with all the dlcs and new contend?

As far as I remember all retail editions of HITMAN 3 were released back in 2021, when the game was released.
I doubt there will be a second batch of discs and stuff.

New content, DLCs and other updates continue being released over time.
They all are digital

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I think when the 007 project is really launched and the Hitman series is really finished, they will launch a real “full version”.

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How 007 and Hitman are connected?
What do you mean “full version”? A Blu-ray disc with all 9-12-whatever Hitman games all-in-one?
This is a fiction

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Most likely if a complete, complete version of Hitman 3 comes out, it’ll be in 2023.

Given that right now, IOI didn’t make a Hitman 3 + all Year 1 DLC bundle, I slightly doubt they’ll do one for all Y1+2. It’s a lot of content.

So far, we’ve gotten complete editions:

Hitman Definitive Edition/GOTY edition
Hitman 2 Gold

It’s only a matter of time when Hitman 3 will be released as a bundle, maybe only digitally, doesnt matter, I just want to know if anything is planned yet ^^
I dont like to buy everything separate because I always lose the overview with Hitman content.

standard, deluxe, silver, gold, goty = defintive, Expansion pack, sins dlcs, Hitman legacy pack for hitman 2, hitman 2 legacy pack for hitman 3, hitman legacy pack for hitman 3, hitman 2 legacy pack for hitman 3, redeem access pass, some minor weapon, suit dlc, sarajevo six
what a cluster fuck ^^

I had to spend 1h researching that as if I was doing a master thesis

Sarajevo Six is not a subject to expect, because it’s HITMAN 2016 exclusive. Play Station exclusive.
And they said multiple times they have no plans to make it appear anywhere else


An unfortunate mistake, but whatevs.

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What’s the point of IO releasing a complete package with everything included, other than to save new players a few clicks to buy everything individually? Especially when they’ve already simplified everything with “The Trilogy” release - where players only need to buy the “Premium Pack” and 7DS additionally to own everything.

I think it’s too early to talk about a “definitive” edition.

There is still a lot of tweaks and work to do before considering the devs done with HITMAN.

There’s bugs/glitches in Hitman 3 that originated in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 that were never fixed and probably never will be. Plus all the new bugs/glitches that H3 added.

The chances of ioi fixing all of them before moving on is zero. And that’s based on the fact that they never accomplished that with the previous two games. Sucks, but that’s the reality.

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If we’re going to get a Definitive Edition, it probably won’t be for another few years.

That’s even if we get one at all.