When to buy expansion pass

Like many others, I have not bought the expansion pass yet. I know I’m going to but should I buy it now in preparation for the bank mission or another time, like after all the content has been released. If there is an elusive target I will probably bite the bullet and buy it regardless.

So what do you think?

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Well, rhat’s up to you, if you’re not interested with the content next month and would rather wait until everything is out.
Good thing is that you can check it out on the 25th and then decide

One thing for sure is that there’ll not be any time limited content tied to a purschasble dlc.


I will buy it on future too. Just don’t know when.

If you’re going to buy Expansion Pass anyway, do so when you have some spare money.
That’s the best timing.

But the very best decision is to buy all-inclusive version of the game at the beginning


Probably, but when I bought H2, only available version od disc here in Bosnia was standard version. I think Gold version still is unavailable here :frowning:

Those region restrictions sucks.
If Expansion Pass is available you could buy it alongside the game itself.
And if you interested to play The Bank, make sure to buy EP before 25th of June :slight_smile:

Expansion pass is available on Ps uk store for me, as Bosnia doesn’t have ps store at all, lol.

If you’re talking about prices, there’s a Steam Sale right before Bank Level releases.

THAT is a good opportunity for you to jump in and buy Gold Edition :+1:


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If I do buy it, it’ll probably be sometime after it comes out.

Phew, the expansion looks ridiculously pricy for someone who’s not really into the sniper levels.

What is interesting is that the price did not change since launch. At least on ps store.

Expansion pass on us ps store during days of play is cheaper. Unfortunatelly not on uk ps store, and i have european disc version, so can’t buy us ep version. Lol,

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Personally I bought the Expansion Pass when Hantu Port came out. Considering how much more I like it than the other sniper map, I feel like it was a good purchase.

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Gold edition in the UK PSN on sale right now is £35. Expansion pass isn’t on sale and sits at £33. So I bought the gold, then I’ll trade in my physical copy at Cex for £12 tomorrow. £10 up, and I won’t have to keep getting up to put the disk in
I won’t have to redo any challenges or mastery doing this, will I?

Your game data is saved to your console and not the disc or application. You will still have your progress

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I wonder if Expansion pass will ever be on sale…


It’s on sale -40% right now

Yeah, but i own european disc so can’t buy us version of expansion :frowning:

Still waiting for Expansion 2 to be sold so I don’t have to pay $60 for an expansion pack I already own, they better do it shortly after The Bank is out, so I don’t miss out on 3 months of sales between now and The Prison coming out -_-

They most likely will do that before the first set of content for Exp 2 is about to be released. There are placeholders for Exp 2 and like u said, silver owners shouldn’t have to buy the pass when they only need Exp 2.