Where are the good sniping nests?

Yes that’s the one. The setup is not hard. Just turn off a fusebox in a hidden back room that easily KO’s and hides 3 scientists as they fall Non Lethally down a chute. Then the 3 bodyguards are easily beaten one by one.

It’s not even necessary to get rid of Robert Knox and his personal bodyguard. As soon as they leave and walk a few meters away you can fire away with a Jaeger Lancer and nobody hears it as long as doors are closed.

Everyone at the racetrack is also deaf and blind to the bald guy firing a huge rifle just over the start finish straight! Lol.

I believe 3, 4, or all 5 targets you made were visible from that nest. :slight_smile:

Eh, I gave it a shot; basically it has all the same targets as my contract Podium Sniper (Which itself I think may be a 909 so long as you get rid of the podium guard, I can’t recall), except you can also see part of the hotel area, not worth the extra hassle of setting up in that office really. But interesting that it has those properties.


Yeah these things are really interesting. My dream is to transform HITMAN 2 Sniper players into a secretive society by holding on to information about 909’s.

I have a theory that in spite the game having these gaps or issues, nobody will complain anymore if they all gained an unfair advantage along the way. Because the best safeguard against this being patched is to stop complaining about sniping. hehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a social experiment. :wink:

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Whittleton Creek quality sniping nest:


Does not compute

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Best I came up with was roof of Schmidt house patio

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There might be one there… Appearances are the first barrier to discovering a 909 Nest. The most surprising one is the Safehouse Balcony in Sapienza “World of Tomorrow” Variant that really shouldn’t work at all. But it does. Why?

Because in spite looking like the real world, HITMAN maps are not the real world. They are just volumes with rules decorated with shapes and colors that only resemble the world we live in.


Wow that got real deep lmao. I’ll have to try that one in sapienza. What’s odd is some of my favorite maps don’t have the best sniping nests. Hokkaido has the mountain path and the roof as a ninja, and the area above the pipe in the garden, if you’re a risk taker. Mumbai has certain rooftops, some areas in rangan tower, and of course, the lifeguard tower. I’ve heard some people talk about shahs trainyard but I have yet to try it.

To paraphrase Morpheus… you can “take the Red Pill … And see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes…”

And in case you’re wondering why we call them 909’s…

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What a great name! Has it been done? Btw Matrix is awesome have you seen Mission Impossible Fallout? “It’s right up your alley.”—obscure Jurassic Park quote

In some of the videos, I actually completed Sniper Assassin using them. Particularly Rocco’s Apartment Stairwell 909 spot reduces Sniper Assassin on Landslide to just waiting for Abiatti to stand at the window of his office before meeting Bravuomo. Literally just KO the guy in Rocco’s Apartment, close the doors of the stairwell, shoot out the stairwell windows and wait for Abiatti… take your shot with the Lancer or any Sniper Rifle and just walk out and watch the AI search anywhere except the stairwell… lol

However, true to the theory that each map is a different “world” some of these spots do not work in the same map when used in another variant. For example, Rocco’s Stairwell is like a vacuum space in “Landslide”, but it causes alerts in “World of Tomorrow”.

Why? We don’t know. But we know it works. :wink:

Why is the AI so damn smart but dumber than a sack of bricks at the same time? That’s what I love about this game though.

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Some of us think it’s not much to do with AI, but has something to do with how the Volumes (ie: “invisible cubes representing sections of the map/level”) are tackled. There is a standing theory that each room, or possible sets of rooms/volumes have different priority or values for passing sound between them.

We think in some cases the chain can be broken or it doesn’t work at all (like in the Sapienza Safehouse Balcony). They are tears in HITMAN’s fragile fabric of faux reality. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and yes, I love all the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE films. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I just woke up from the coma that resulted from my mind exploding. Can you say that English?

Just kidding, that’s actually really cool

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For example, take the first 909 featured in the thread (The Author, Level 2 Shops). If you are just looking at the images, it doesn’t make sense. I fire the Jaeger 7 Lancer “out in the open”. And I do it twice. The shot appears to ring out over the beach, into the cemetery.

Yet, the only time “Gunshot Heard” is flagged is when the guards are blindly firing their weapons from the cemetery. I walk down the stairs… and not only are the Civilian NPC’s at the beach, the port, and the apartments just going about their business. Every guard that was alerted went to the cemetery because that is the only place where shots were heard. :laughing:

The biggest puzzle there was the concept of “open air”. That 909 is proof that in HITMAN, in fact in all video games, there is no such thing as “open air” to carry “sound” (which is another thing that doesn’t actually exist). You can hear a sound because a game plays a Sound file for YOU (The player) but in the video game no NPC in there can actually hear anything.

It’s a puppet show basically… the puppets move and act like they can ‘see’ and ‘hear’ and ‘talk’ but they cannot.

The belief at the time of this discovery was that the area I was in… imagine that the level as nothing more than a set of interconnected invisible “corridors/boxes” representing areas you can walk around in… The idea was that these sections - called Volumes in some engines like UE4 - require rules between them for some things that seem basic like passing on “sound” to help create the illusion of sound travelling. But in that particular spot the passing on of such value was either very limited or maybe it doesn’t work.

HITMAN doesn’t have an AI in the purest sense, only a set of decision trees and conditions. The 909 issue demonstrates that when some of them are missing, you can make the seemingly impossible happen.

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Ok that’s amazing. Sometimes I’ll get some inconsistencies with certain rooms. One time it will be completely soundproof, other times not so much. Try the garage in the bank—I KO both guards in there but shooting them with a pistol and the short h won’t be heard. On the other hand the sawed off will be and exploding the cars as well. I think this is a result of what you mentioned. It’s quite possible that certain explosions and gunshots are set to a certain “loudness,” even though they might sound identical with the player. These loudness must change within master mode. Then the NPC’s will “hear” the “noise” but in reality will just react to somewhat simple actions the player has just done. I’m not as knowledgeable as you are but that’s what I got from it

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That is correct. You are starting to ‘see the code’… :slight_smile:
Speedrunners exploit this kind of knowledge all the time. You will see players like @fortheseven or @pagan pulling out their guns seemingly in full view of everyone, yet it is like no one can see they are armed.

Because players like them are on a different level. They know that nothing in the game is real. :sunglasses:

Check out this run for example, when @pagan pulls out the gun to shoot out Argus’ TV. No one would think of trying it there normally. But he gets away with it. How? That is stuff only guys like him know innately. And it almost always has something to do with the area and the NPC’s that are there at that time, or at what point in a motion the NPC’s are in, etc.


Hello Morpheus

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What’s crazy about having a gun out in crowd NPC’s not regular NPC’s is that they can’t ruin your rating. It might attract guards but what it seems like is the guards aren’t attracted to the crowds reaction but rather your action and whether or not it was in close proximity to the crowd. What I’m starting to see is that it doesn’t go to the world around you but rather the players interactions with the world and then NPC’s will react a certain way depending on a variety of factors. So it all goes back to the player.

I’m 15 years old and I’ve taken honors science I’m not that smart


Indeed. Welcome to the reality of how video games work. :slight_smile:

One point for example about that run of The Bad Boy ET is that it appears that the glass windows appear transparent in terms of imagery, but are not truly transparent in the game’s reality as clearly no one inside the store can see 47 holding a gun just outside.

There’s stuff like that all over HITMAN.

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@Soupienza up in here like


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