Where can I find a recap of all things Hitman?

Hitman has 7 games and 2 novels, there is so much details about the character, where can I read about the story of the character in detail without having to actually play all the games and read the novels?

There’s a Wikipedia page about Agent 47 and one for each game but, do they cover everything?

NOTE: I don’t think movies are connected to the game or the lore so, I don’t care about them.


Old White’s blog probably, got the recap of the books too:


neither are the books imo, only the games matter. You should get the Games on Steam, they are pretty cheap and all of them are very good. The best way to get information is by playing the games for yourself :blush:

I remember a website where the owner made a recap of all Hitman games and story in on post, and it was well written.

I’ll post the link if i find it back :+1:

EDIT: I’ve found parts of it: https://thingsfromwhitesmind.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/part-6/

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Have you tried the blessed Hitman Wiki?

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Was just gonna say exactly the same! Try the Hitman Wiki everything Hitman related should be on there.

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I often read the wikis of games I haven’t played :blush: But because I only read the bits I’m interested in, I can tell you about biochemical nature of the T-virus from Resident Evil, but I know zero about the gameplay :smile: