Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


With the recent meeting up between YacobT and DrowNby47 (from the countries of US and Georgia) I thought it would be cool to have a thread listing where each of us live so more of us could meet each other face to face.

Our travels in life could bring us face to face and some of us could even be living next door to each other and not even know it.

Simply post where you live (as general or specific as you’d like) and maybe we can have even more personal encounters. (Leave your fiberwire at home.)

Here is a shortcut to the post that lists members by country. I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

Complete list

So…where you at???

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Where in the world?
Ever met another Hitman fan in person?
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I’m from northern Michigan, US.


I actually just moved from Chicago area to San Diego area. From the US obviously


Mexico, from Veracruz.


Nottinghamshire, England.


United Kingdom, London


Denmark, Fyn.

However i already meet @JohnnyDrama, @ampburner, @Silenter, @mackdadi and also @Fleur (twice) apparently he’s roommate with one of my very good friends, also they play in a band together.


Central/Southern New Jersey, US.


Prinsenbeek, The Netherlands.


Ontario, Canada

@FantumX you’re the closest so far. That means we are about a 30-50 minute drive apart depending on the traffic at the bridge. Not that I’m planning to come over lol just sayin’


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Marseille, France


The diversity here is so incredibly awesome…if we were all trained assassins we could shape the world, seeing as we have members in every nook and cranny of the planet


New Delhi, India :smile: if any member comes to my city, drinks are on me :wink:


not Turkey! i am from Georgia we met in Georgia


@DrowNby47 maybe he thinks I am a Turk and you are the Yankee lol.



Go Cubs, Go!!!


I used to live there, every house near me were having parties for the Cubs and had flags up. It was insane!


Wisconsin, USA

Go Pack Go