Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Nope haha, no twin brother either!


Chicago, IL :relaxed:


I think that makes 4, maybe 5 now in or near Chicago. Way to represent!


I used to live in Chicago, but I moved to San Diego, CA. I am honestly surprised that this many people here live in or near Chicago. San Diego is nice and all, but it doesn’t snow, and everybody here freaks out if it goes below 60 F


Met with @Mads47 and @JohnnyDrama today - and @Travis_IOI was kind enough to give us a quick tour around IO’s new studio (it’s awesome).

A very civilized picture, but the day is young and alcohol has yet to be consumed…


More pictures from IO, thanks @Travis_IOI


Have a good time there, @Quinn, @Mads47 and @JohnnyDrama !


I’m going there into two weeks. I wrote to Travis to visit IOI. I hope to have a quick tour there as you.


I’m sorry I wasn’t at IOI today, but I guess you blew my disguise anyway. Enjoy the Danish beer.


You guys did see me lurking, right? I felt the attention meter going up, but I’m not sure if I got spotted.


Your disguise must have been good…maybe a key disguise that let’s you go every where.


Well, I don’t remember seeing you at the counter in Brugsen.


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Aw man, good idea. I should have asked last time I was there. Instead I just stood outside the building grinning like an idiot and then left.


Moro. :DD Ajattelinkin että voisit ehkä olla suomalainen.

Sorry guys, I’m not gonna speak anymore gibberish here. :^)


You were very stealthy indeed - I didn’t spot you!


That Escalated Quickly


New escalation:

Level 1: Drink one beer.
Level 2: Drink two beers.
Level 3: Drink three beers. If you pee, you fail the mission.
Level 4: If you pass out, you fail the mission.
Level 5: Complete the mission in two minutes.


Hey, I am an Indian too. But I reside in the calm backwaters of Kerala, South India. Still, surprised to see a fellow HM fan
bTW how’s your remake coming along??:kissing_heart:


Its going great! :smiley: