Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


This Drama boy looks like his avatar :smile:


Haha, I take that as a compliment😂


Quinn and myself being savages with this playing in the background


Last day in Copenhagen, managed to get all 4 of us together! Mads and JohnnyDrama have gone home and now its just Pissy and me. Awesome few days.


If you want talk more with me you can always Pm me


It’s so cool that @Quinn @Mads47 @Pissfloyd and @JohnnyDrama were able to meet up and have some good times.

No matter what is said on here, no matter what disagreements or grievances are had, nothing can overcome the powerful feeling of meeting someone face to face. Really glad you guys had a fun time; I wish there were more Canadian members I could do that with.



Holy shit mate Ive been planning doing a canadian trip again for some time. Where are you based?


Ontario, Canada. Literally right across the water from Detroit. I’d be happy to have you if you ever came to the area. You’re always welcome :slight_smile:


That’s a long way from vancouver but if you offer hospitality and fun times I might be open!


Well damn, it would be a little drive for me but I could make the trip for a trifecta. Have a sister that lives in Ann Arbor that I visit several times a year. That would make me at a reasonable distance.


Its so hard to enjoy the joke understanding what they say :frowning:


Off the back of such a stellar meetup for the guys in Denmark, is anyone on HMF in Amsterdam?

I’ve just moved over and it would be cool to hang out with people from the forum (go for a drink, maybe see something in Amsterdam that not all the visitors go to etc)


I believe our very own Admin Ampburner is from Amsterdam? Or at least nearby…

What takes you there? Bored of the UK? :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought I remembered he was over here but didn’t feel like calling him out :slight_smile:
If he fancies going out for a few beers though I wouoldn’t argue ha ha

Why I’m here, i’s a Rom-Com storyline, boy meets girl, girl goes to Amsterdam for work, boy follows :smiley:

Fingers crossed on job interviews. Getting to be a bit boring knocking about by myself


Anyone from Honolulu? I’ll be there in 9 hours


My brother-in-law is from and has a lot of family in Hawaii (the “big” island). Sadly I’m rather certain none of them are on here. They live in a remote area and live their lives much more like 100 years ago than the people you’ll meet in Honolulu. Enjoy your stay.


Always mate! Your attitude and values grant you access to my Canadian hospitality any time.


Hey, I’m always down for a drink and good conversation. Anything can happen man, just shoot me a PM when the time is nigh and we’ll make it work :slight_smile:


I went to the big island a few summers ago. Incredible place. My partner at the time had family there and we stayed with them.

I guess most activity takes place on Oahu though. Big Island is nice and quiet.


Im Dutch and i live relatively close to Amsterdam :+1: im there atleast 4 days a week anyway.