Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Wow. I knew we have people from so many different places on here, but it wasn’t until reading that list that I realized HMF is actually much more diverse than I thought. Thanks for compiling the list @FantumX!

Me and @Sina are also from Iran, btw. We haven’t been very active lately though. @Codename_Thomson is Persian too but I think he said he moved to Canada a few months ago.


LOL, where I live, city folk often refer to it as living “in the sticks” (heavily wooded area) so one could argue I’m half way there.

@Arvin47, thanks for adding to the list. I’ll put you in. As for the two you mentioned, you tagged them so if they care to share their current whereabouts here, I’ll update them as well. I do have Thomson down for Iran per his post much further up. As I told Tuppe, I’m only going to add people who post specifically in here to make sure I don’t cross a line with someone. I mean, I could start researching profiles and posts in other threads to grow the list but I think that’s going too far.

Have you ever met either of your fellow Iranians in person?


I’m going on a trip to Italy tomorrow night.
I’ll be visiting only Venice though and I probably won’t even have time for much stuff outside of hotel since it’s a school trip but I thought I’d mention it here anyway.
Btw I’m in Venice for one day only and one night-thursday and friday.


I haven’t had the pleasure, unfortunately. They both do seem like interesting people just like everyone else we have here on HMF :wink:


Germany (Cologne) :sunglasses:


No love for Drama no? :wink: Denmark, (Aalborg) it is



…and done.

No need for drama, Johnny boy. I was just waiting for your post. :yum::+1:


Add me on Sweden (Gothenburg) if you like :slight_smile:

Also you can add the list to OP with detail tag


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I’m in Plymouth, England.


While reading the list this came to my mind:D


“Guyana and still,”. Quite appropiate!


@Scourged Im planning a trip to Brussels this summer, let’s get drunk and discuss racism irl :blush:


Sorry, I don’t drink. Besides, I don’t think there’s a lot to discuss about racism, as many of our views would be the same.


Give me a heads up when you’re here, so we can meet. :stuck_out_tongue:


I live in Romania :grin:


Where in Romania? What city?


Awesome list :smiley: Wish I could go to all these places, I’ve only been to NZ (I live there), Aus and Murica.


Timisoara, Romania :wink:


“Let’s Go Mets!”


Drobeta Turnu Severin, we’re close. But I’v been living in Italy for the past 15 years.