Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


@DruidJ, thanks! It is cool to see the global reach this franchise has.

@Karr1911 & @RW_Slick, you’ve been added! Thanks for sharing. And FINALLY a New Yorker. Your city has some catching up to do to match Chicago. :sunglasses::+1:


You got that backwards.

The WORLD has some catching up to do to match New York City!

wicked laugh


Pssh, Scourged, more like SNORE-GD. Be adventerous broski!!


You guys should come to Holland the 27th of April. Kingsday huehuhue


@Scourged @Quinn You can always discuss the historical importance of the gloves in the Hitman universe.


No idea what you just said.


Snore-ged. Combining snoring with scourged. A play on words.



I’m in Los Angeles.


Thanks @AlexNiedt, you’re officially in the club. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m about to set out for my first Kingsday.
Starting in Jordaan and walking across the city!

Are you coming in to Amsterdam today?


Enjoy man, jordaan is awesome.

No im in Breda for a big party. First time im not in Amsterdam for kingsday


Toronto Canada here.



538 eh?

Well I don’t give a damn about the whole kingsday thing. I’m at work, double money. :slight_smile: I never wanted to go to the festival either so yeah.

Btw I live in the village next to Breda, and I’m currently working in Breda :wink:


Yes. Was amazing though. And i won a few hundred euros in the casino the night before kingsday, so basically had free drinking.


You’re in! :sunglasses::+1:


Hey now, Sweden isn’t that bad.
There’s only grenade attacks on a routine basis.


Its about the immigrants? Is it really that bad? Can you tell me how is your situation there and how did it change your life style?
I’m very curious. Here where I live we have none. But a few km away in the big cities there are a few I heard but they behave good as far as I know. Besides some that sells drugs.
Can’t really figure how can they come to a country not knowing anyone and already have connections to start selling.


What i have heard from my Godfather who lives in Stockholm situation is pretty bad


Oh I’m doing just fine personally. I live in a pretty small place.