Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


But what about the other places?


HHCHunter posted the frequent grenade attacks. Police being showered with rocks for entering certain neighborhoods, tons of rape. But that’s not for this thread.


Near the city of Graz, Austria. Unfortunately my friends are not really into Hitman. Let me know If you ever visit Arnie’s birthplace! :wink:


Grow up and stop trivializing people who live in actual war zones.


Of course you do, that’s why you’re deluded enough to think you live in anything remotely comparable to a war zone, because you don’t actually see anything.


What’s the matter? He’s just saying he lives in New Afghanistan.


I’m not trivializing anything, if I ignored everything happening just because it’s not happening in my neighborhood I might as well be a politician


Ok guys, let’s keep from turning a simple smartass comment into one of “those” discussions. Stay on topic and friendly or don’t post. Thanks. :sunglasses:

And thanks @Rockstar_Vienna. Our first Austrian on the list!


I think it was well beyond that. It deserved lecturing.


I was to ask the same thing. If that is the place where Schwarzenegger was born. I’m really looking to visit Graz. Its 6 hours away from me.
But… money is a bit tight at the moment. If I change my mind I could come for one day.


I live in the North of Germany, a small village with the slowest internet connection of the world. There’s a city close by named “Kiel”, luckily.


Sorry @Mister_Rieper, I was gone for a couple months. I am adding you to our impressive list now. Thanks for sharing.

Anyone else care to share their whereabouts?


Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.


@Nailz & @CHAOS_AGENT_45

I put you in the list. That makes 9 in Germany and our first match for Phoenix, AZ.

Dont forget, the full list is linked in the OP to save you the trouble of digging through posts.


I’m from Australia too.


I don’t see a list at all mr murican


I’ll add you now @Rieper1

Ok, I changed up the OP a bit to help. Should be good now. Thanks for tipping me off to it.


Belgorod, Russia.

I doubt that anyone on this forum lives close enough to visit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Planning on actually moving there


Why would you?