Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


From my point of view it’s a beautiful city full of junks and the traffic is a huge fuck up. I’ve not been there much, but I like Rotterdam better.


i wasnt neither in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but i would prefer Rotterdam, because Hitman :smile:


Amsterdam > Rotterdam


Ajax < Feyenoord.



Fixed that for you m8


Vitesse > Every other Netherlands club

My favourite farm of on-loan Chelsea players


Huehuehue true that.


You’re in. Thanks for sharing. Only 2 others listed for Russia atm but no idea how far their cities are from you without googling. Which I may do out of curiosity.


New Delhi, India :smile:

@Serious_Pony, @Kcuts_Titogi might be living close to you :wink:


Ay, nice greetings from Yakutsk! :smile:


@YourGudBudNel, I already have you down. You posted way back when I first created the thread. But that was 9 months ago so I can understand forgetting.

@Kcuts_Titogi, I’ll add you to your fellow players in Russia.

Thanks guys!


@Serious_Pony, @Kcuts_Titogi
Greetings from Biysk!


Getting a little surge in players from Russia in this thread. 3 names in the last couple days.

We currently have 34 countries represented by 120 players who posted in the thread. I just LOVE the diversity!

Don’t forget, if you plan to travel, check the list and see if there’s an opportunity to meet a fellow Hitman. And TAKE PICTUES! It would be great to see them posted in “The Forum Gallery V3” thread!

Here’s a link to the updated list but the link is also posted in the OP for quick and easy access in the future.
Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)?


Come to Amsterdam and drink beers with me


Glasgow, Scotland for my sins.


Whut… Ben je amsterdammer?


Never visit where I live. Unless you want to die or start a drugs empire… Only old folks and drugsdealers over here. Limburg, the Netherlands.



@Emo_Amy, gotcha down.

This sounds like you don’t like it there. Just a quick google and it sounds quite beautiful. But maybe just in “tourist eyes?”

@Mnemosyne, I already had you down for “near Heerlen” from a previous post. Is Limburg more accurate or did you move?


Nee, woon in Alkmaar. Maar wil binnenkort verhuizen