Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.


@Nailz & @CHAOS_AGENT_45

I put you in the list. That makes 9 in Germany and our first match for Phoenix, AZ.

Dont forget, the full list is linked in the OP to save you the trouble of digging through posts.


I’m from Australia too.


I don’t see a list at all mr murican


I’ll add you now @All_Things_Hitman

Ok, I changed up the OP a bit to help. Should be good now. Thanks for tipping me off to it.


Belgorod, Russia.

I doubt that anyone on this forum lives close enough to visit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Planning on actually moving there


Why would you?


From my point of view it’s a beautiful city full of junks and the traffic is a huge fuck up. I’ve not been there much, but I like Rotterdam better.


i wasnt neither in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but i would prefer Rotterdam, because Hitman :smile:


Amsterdam > Rotterdam


Ajax < Feyenoord.



Fixed that for you m8


Vitesse > Every other Netherlands club

My favourite farm of on-loan Chelsea players


Huehuehue true that.


You’re in. Thanks for sharing. Only 2 others listed for Russia atm but no idea how far their cities are from you without googling. Which I may do out of curiosity.


New Delhi, India :smile:

@Serious_Pony, @Kcuts_Titogi might be living close to you :wink:


Ay, nice greetings from Yakutsk! :smile:


@YourGudBudNel, I already have you down. You posted way back when I first created the thread. But that was 9 months ago so I can understand forgetting.

@Kcuts_Titogi, I’ll add you to your fellow players in Russia.

Thanks guys!


@Serious_Pony, @Kcuts_Titogi
Greetings from Biysk!