Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Northern Scandinavia. I dont really want to tell exact location:)


I hope you two won’t break up this time,you’re a lovely couple



Whogivesadam > Amsterdam & Rotterdam


Mission failed


Fission Mailed


That means nothing. As the song goes, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” Don’t let arbitrary time and societal pressures dictate enjoying a brew.

Years ago I had an overnight job and every payday me and the whole crew went to a mexican restaurant after work. 7 am and we’re drinking beer and eating burritos. Plus they would cash our paychecks as well. Good times.

I will add you now. Thanks!


Be quiet Canadian, or i will turn off all the lights and you will be scared :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice story grandpa! <3


Watch your tongue little whippersnapper or I’ll take bring out the belt.


Like that old ass of yours would ever catch me. I’m too fast m8


Don’t be so sure. I just greased the wheels on my walker.


I knew you were a dirty cheater!


I knew you were a dirty cheater!

says the one who runs in HITMAN






Spent these last few days with my bae quinny <3 awesome time

Seeing all them witches here ^


You look like piss m8


here u go m8


I blame the barber for ruining my hair game


Also seems like you cant handle beer.

You better practise for when im there