Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Watch your tongue little whippersnapper or I’ll take bring out the belt.


Like that old ass of yours would ever catch me. I’m too fast m8


Don’t be so sure. I just greased the wheels on my walker.


I knew you were a dirty cheater!


I knew you were a dirty cheater!

says the one who runs in HITMAN






Spent these last few days with my bae quinny <3 awesome time

Seeing all them witches here ^


You look like piss m8


here u go m8


I blame the barber for ruining my hair game


Also seems like you cant handle beer.

You better practise for when im there


@Quinn who would have thought yours would be bigger.The Beer I’m talking about. Lol


Its actually a Cider! And I am a fairly slow drinker…


Hey @Pissfloyd what brand of cigs are those you got there? I can’t really make it out. I was just curious, the packaging don’t look familiar, perhaps they don’t sell them here in the US.


Judging by the color its a pack of Camel


Clearly these dapper chaps know what’s up:



That’s a pack of king’s. Pretty common in denmark


Is this real:D?
20 cha


Can you two get married and adopt me as your son?
I’ve always wanted a loving family