Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


@Quinn who would have thought yours would be bigger.The Beer I’m talking about. Lol


Its actually a Cider! And I am a fairly slow drinker…


Hey @Pissfloyd what brand of cigs are those you got there? I can’t really make it out. I was just curious, the packaging don’t look familiar, perhaps they don’t sell them here in the US.


Judging by the color its a pack of Camel


Clearly these dapper chaps know what’s up:



That’s a pack of king’s. Pretty common in denmark


Is this real:D?
20 cha


Can you two get married and adopt me as your son?
I’ve always wanted a loving family


@FrankFuchs Hahaha Metal Gear reference? Lol

@Pissfloyd ah, I see. Yeah haven’t seen that brand here in the US. The only “Kings” brand I see in stores around here are these candy cigarettes lol


That’s them! That’s the ones I get


Omg, i forgot all about those? (old age and all). Do they still sell those? If so, that’s truly shocking with all the govt does to stomp out the habit and especially efforts to stop appealing to minors.

I also remember now a gum (I think) shaped like cigarettes, came in a pack. Each one coated with a fine white powder or something then rolled up in a thin white paper so if you blew into one end it would appear like smoke coming out the other end.


Idk about the bubble gum ones tbh. But the candy ones like “Kings?” Yes, they surprisingly still sell them lol although you don’t really see them around just anywhere, they most likely can be found in some gas stations and thrift shops, mostly.


@Quinn @Pissfloyd awesome!! Where did you meet up this time? You guys look good these days. I really like your haircut as well Pissfloyd, so don’t mind that. I hope you drank a beer for me :beers:


Cheers! Pissy visited the UK this time - I wouldn’t come to DK without telling you about it :wink:


I live in West Palm Beach, FL. :wink: (United States of America)


I’m in Miami right now mate.:sweat_smile:


I have several other virtual acquaintances on Tampa, some family in Orlando and childhood friends in Miami. I’d love to go to Florida.


Yep. It’s pretty cool here! Besides the hot weather sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Post apocalyptic wasteland… I wish. Rzeszów, Poland.


@Affliction and @SpeedsterRunner217,

Thanks for sharing. I added you both to the list!